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Ahh…so it seems that Stephen Fry hates Windows Vista too, eh? Well, there you have it. The uber-famous geek says it for all Vista phobics. To pour salt onto the wound, I stumbled on to the Vista Is Rubbish site the other day (while trying to find a fix for yet another problem).

Unfortunately I’m also still not loving the Vista experience. In fact it hurts, every single time I have to click on that stupid stupid ‘Windows needs your permission to continue’ box. I wouldn’t mind if it learned from my responses. OK guys, if I’ve said yes the first 20 times, you might figure that the software or task I want to accomplish is something that I will always want to clear. Sheesh…oops I’m off again. Sorry.


  • You are an idiot. The “Windows needs your permission to continue” box is the best thing about Vista. Preventing malware/greyware from accessing system resources without your explicit approval is a GOOD thing. It helps prevent clever apps from taking over resources while you aren’t paying attention. Disabling that check is basically DEMANDING that the system allow bad things to happen and your data to be compromised.

    If you trust Microsoft to make a determination as to what your habits OUGHT to be and take action accordingly, you are a moron.

  • sorry RudeBoy, I don’t understand your last sentence. I’m a moron for trusting Microsoft or a moron for not trusting them? :-)

    Now I’m not saying they’re very nice people in Redmond – and clearly not as stupid as me – but I would like the option to be stupid if I feel that I can handle the risk, by telling the O/S that this particular program/routine is one I trust and use all the time, so please stop bugging me.

    Rather like I would prefer not to have to wear a full 5 point harness in a car, even though I know it is the safest form of restraint available to me and would undoubtedly save my bacon much more effectively were I to be hit by a truck. In other words I object to not being given the chance to opt out of their security check, if I am absolutely certain about a course of action I am taking.

  • I meant that trusting the OS to determine what should be allowed, when you have the option of being asked, is dumb. It sounds like you simply want to disable the User Account Control option. You can do that; it’s not hard.

    I just think that sacrificing the security afforded by UAC because you find the intrusion annoying is woefully shortsighted.

  • Ahh I see. No actually I don’t want to disable the UAC option at all. But I would love to have the opportunity to tell it when something is safe, so it doesn’t constantly ask me if I trust it. It’s the mindless repetition of me saying ‘yes this is fine’ that drives me nutz. :-)

    Even if it disabled the warning after a certain number of my approvals that would help.

  • Gotcha. Agreed that there should be an easier way to exclude certain apps, but if there are several apps that you encounter this with, you still can get around the issue, but with some work:

    The downside is that the app will run with admin rights, and you may not ALWAYS want that. The real solution, however, is for the applications developers to either stop invoking API calls that require administrative rights, or to register the application properly in MSI to allow the proper authority.

  • RudeBoy is a rude boy methinks. There’s way not enough rant against Vista and I’m proud that Ferret is blasting. It’s utterly nuts defending Vista’s errors. Now that’s putting rude where it should be.

  • I just don’t view the UAC stuff as an “error” in Vista. It’s a feature that I am thankful to see. Honestly, aside from the massive resource hogging bloat, I dunno what everyone is griping about with Vista. It’s Windows. It works, at least as often as any other Windows tends to work.

    Is it perfect? Heck no! Has everyone forgotten what crap XP was before the first service pack was released? I remember all too well how buggy that piece of business was. I’m the last one to defend Microsoft in general, given their business practices and how much they force their users to put up with, but the whole “Vista is Rubbish” commentary just seems overblown and reactionary.

    I have seen very few actual, legitimate issues getting mentioned. Mostly people gripe that they are annoyed by this or that feature or the lack of support for various and sundry hardware or software.

    Want something better? STOP BUYING WINDOWS!!! That will encourage the folks in Redmond to make a better product. When it’s newsworthy that their desktop market share fell below NINETY PERCENT, people aren’t making a significant case that improvements need to be made.

  • Hear what you’re saying RudeBoy, and you’re partly right. The only problem is most of us don’t have a choice whether to buy Vista or not. It comes with the computer and to return it to Windows XP which many people would rather do, is sometimes almost impossible due to a lack of driver support on the hardware concerned.

    I’d like to revert this laptop to XP, but I’m not certain that the drivers exist to let me do so, and I’m wary of breaking the thing so I can’t use it. So I am trying to put up with the annoyances. And let’s not forget that Vista has already been through a service pack too, and it’s still rubbish. Which makes it worse than XP was at this stage in its lifecycle.

    It’s truly an awful product that should never have seen the light of day!

  • I came back to be less rude to RudeBoy and I’m glad too. He’s really quite right: “the whole �Vista is Rubbish� commentary just seems overblown and reactionary.

    On the other hand I support Righteous Rants. There’s really no excuse for Microsoft’s heavy handedness and inattention. We’re too polite.

  • Heh, yeah thanks Teli. I think you're referring to turning off UAC, which apparently can cause problems elsewhere. Sigh. They've just created a monster, is all.

  • There's a way to disable that. I don't know the steps off the top of my head, but do a quick Google search and you should come up with the instructions. You still won't be able to copy/paste from "special" directories (there are workarounds), but you won't need to keep clicking on the 'windows needs your permission…' dialog box either.

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