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Watercone – fresh water from salt or brackish water


I cannot believe that the Watercone developers are still looking for investors to mass produce this thing. We have a world where every day 5000 children die through lack of safe water and no-one wants to step forward and help distribute this superb, simple solar powered desalinator? Unbelievable.

 A Product that enables anyone, in a most simple fashion, an independent, cheap and mobile solar Potable Water generation from sea water or brackish water on the base of condensation by solar still. This Invention represents a conical, self-supporting and stackable Unit made from transparent, thermo-formable polycarbonate (same as water dispensers) outfitted with a screw cap spout at the tip and an inward circular collecting trough at the base. Technically speaking it is a solar still.


  • It’s a very cool idea, but the problem with lacking investors is that there’s probably not much profit in it, considering the target market. Yes, that’s sad and pathetic, but these days, everyone is looking for maximum profit and how to grow their vast millions into more millions. So, a great idea like this, which would really help people, gets sidelined for some new anti-wrinkle invention or something similarly useless.

  • Isn’t that just awful? It’s such a sad commentary on our current goals that we allow this kind of thing to happen. Let’s hope that we start to learn some real sense of global responsibility soon which doesn’t have to involve profit profit profit ….

  • I can across this device the other day and originally thought it was a terrific idea. As I thought about it further (not being a water-treatment expert), I started thinking about other issues, especially in regard to contaminants and microorganisms.

    I’m not so certain now how safe this product is. It seems to me that it might need a filter at the tip in addtiion to other treatments (such as chlorine at trace levels, since very little is required). The site does mention the possible need for minerals (Oral Rehydration Salts) in condensed water. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong about the safety issues.

    There may be liability issues concerning this device that limits investor participation.

    Of course, any water-treatment is better than no treatment at all.

  • Interesting point twocents. Not so much of a problem with sea water maybe, but something of concern with brackish stuff. But as you say, any water system is better than none. And does the distillation system itself help?

  • I would think that the place to sell this is into places like lifeboat manufacturers. How valuable would it be if one of these were put on every lifeboat in the cruise industry?

  • I wonder if they could make them out of strong clear plastic, so they could be collapsible for easier storage (you would blow them up for use)?

  • Of course instead of tooling up the expensive plastic, you could just photocopy the page in nearly every survival and Boy Scout manual that shows you how to do the same thing with a sheet of plastic…

  • Perhaps not so efficient though Gerry….?

    “since a trap measuring 16″ in diameter by 12″ deep will only yield around 100 to 150ml per day”

  • Thanks to every technicians. It is a great try.

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