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Who the heck is Juliette Valduriez? – and how can she play guitar like that…?


Who the heck is this Juliette Valduriez person? And how can she play rock guitar like that? And why isn’t she fronting her own band? And what is the meaning of life…? Unbe-chuffin’–lievable.


  • not like i haven't heard all these riffs 10,000 million times before……!

    • Yeah Rob, and every painting is composed of the same colours and brush strokes. Your point is…? :)

    • next? an album :)

  • Let's see you do that Rob. AND you have heard them before…because she is COVERING a lot of the songs she plays.

  • rob is a twat.

    I mean, who else but a twat would post that inane comment?

    Ho ho ho!

    Twatty rob.

  • Rob's a hater, and GHEY !!

  • shes the best female guitarist Ive ever heard hands down

  • She is rockin! I wish best for hers. Like night in bright star her night is light. Go Iron Maiden!!!!! Up da irons! USA is rocks!

  • Dear Russian friend, Iron Maiden is British and this attractive girl who is very talented lives in Paris, but I'm sure she says thanks. By the way both Iron Maiden and the USA rocks! Yes, USA is like big rock. So true.

  • she's amazing! wish I could play like that

  • I don't understand why she isn't making more fame and fortune out of her UNREAL talent AND Beauty! Who wouldn't pay to see this girl, say with another hot chick singing.. rocking.. mesmerizing…

    • Has announced plans for a tour (see the video I posted above, its in her description)

  • I hope she doesn't seek fame and fortune, we all know what that does to people. Just be grateful for the beaty she is bringing to the world. Who needs "celebrity"?

  • That should have been '"beauty".

  • A beautiful lady with a great talent, I hope she gets to where she wants to be. I wish her all the best.

  • She so deeply feels the music and instruments, making the guitar cry and scream. None of the women did not play so desperately yet.
    Enormous respect!

  • Deep respect indeed. She plays a Gibson like a violinist plays a stradivarius. Impeccably.

  • I'll be 62 this year. I've been playing since age 6 and I was a card-carrying pro bassist in the big bad 60's. My guitar picking is finger-style (CAAS) but Juliette has me in a tailspin. Our band opened for and backed Tommy James and I have been around the "best there was". I say "WAS" because this gal is in a league of her own. Tommy E.. step aside! Better still – SIGN HER.. like YESTERDAY! LOL

  • This young lady is a great guitar player regardless of how many times you've heard "those riffs", Rob the Hater.Juliette-you just keep on keeping on! You are outstanding! May success shower you with accolades and a great future!

  • There are people you meet, things you see, and then there's music and talent like Juliette that redefine your world. I am just so glad and utterly lucky I found her!! My shop has been rewinding this song ALL DAY and I know it'd be the case for the rest of the week….We just can't get enough of her. You keep on rocking J, God you're beautiful in every way. I haven't seen music sense like this in ages….Glad to have lived in your time.

  • Those Indigo kids can do anything .

  • C'mon, guys, Rob's not hating – he's merely pointing out she is just another in a long line of YouTube players who are great but don't show the creativity of their own compositions. Perhaps she's different? Okay, we'll find out, won't we? But let's cut it out with the hate of the supposed hater, especially in an imperfect medium such as this.

  • Lost Paradise (on the video) is of her own composition. This girl is today 15 years old, and was 13 when she composed it.

    She is a young progidy like there are a few in classic music history, as an instrumentalist and a composer, she is simply the first young prodigy in pop music history, and that's all.

    Incidently, she obviously has a strong classic music background.

  • Juliette reminds me of someone named Nancy Wilson, have you folks heard of her from the band Heart? (I imagine you all have) I say Juliette will go VERY far with her talents. You know I see other instruments in the room with her, I wonder if she plays them all…

    • Yes, she plays them all, and she played all the instruments on the album. All writing, performance and production credits are to Juliette Jade (the new name she is going by)

  • Juliette reminds me of…well…no one ever! I love her technicality, her driving force through slow and fast riffs, her pure energy…and well let’s face it…she’s beautiful. I play drums and I would love to jam with her any day. I could only dream of finding someone like her and sharing days and sessions in the studio loving every nano-second of it! She reinvigorates lost passion in music and aspirates it to new heights. long live her and her devotion!!!

  • Juliette is so talented… it makes me hopeful for the world. Overstated? I think not.

  • Incredible….a cute girl that can play like that is very entertaining to watch…She plays with such style and ease….I’ve been playing metal/rock guitar for years and I cant touch her!

  • Where is she now? Why has she not posted any new vids? is she in a band? I want to see her play live in front of a crowd! Wassup?

  • as a drummer, this is the kind of guitarist id love 2 play with. if ur reading, o hgr8 guitar godess, kudoz. anytime ur n norcal & need a beat-man/vocalist n the manner of tool or dream theater(or any other, as im very adaptable)look me up. fb, google+ im NOT the preacher

  • as a drummer, this is the kind of guitarist id love 2 play with. if ur reading, o hgr8 guitar godess, kudoz. anytime ur n norcal & need a beat-man/vocalist n the manner of tool or dream theater(or any other, as im very adaptable)look me up. fb, google+ im NOT the preacher

  • I wish she would surface , I hope she is OK !

    • Yeah, I guess she just got on with her life? :)

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