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So maybe it’s pointless, but at least it’s happy!

Fun & Games January 12, 2006 posted by

Lego Knitting Machine.

The Lego Knitting Machine by Thomas Johnson. Um…? But man, the video is just wowsville. Alien, spooky. Hey Thomas, if you mass produced these I reckon you’d make a bundle. I’d get one to knit a scarf and chill me out at the same time, especially if it played that cool classical music.  Some photos of a LEGO knitting machine I designed and built. It works remarkablely well and is quite mesmerizing.

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Fun & Games January 4, 2006 posted by

Dollar Bill Origami.

Dollar Bill Origami. Got money to fold? $5.95.   This helpful book guides you through simple origami steps to create 15 different shapes from a squid to a Jedi to an Oriental dragon and more. Spiral-bound hardcover; 80 pages including U.S. Currency trivia

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Fun & Games January 3, 2006 posted by

FAB 1.

The Thunderbirds FAB 1 model car. $256.00 buys you a limited ‘Signature Edition’ model Rolls Royce with a signed certificate from creator Gerry Anderson.  Only 1,500 of these fantastic models will be made worldwide. The FAB 1 is a faithful reproduction of the model used in the original Thunderbirds series and is supplied with it’s own presentation acrylic display case with an etched brass plaque featuring unique edition number. Each FAB 1 has an Individually numbered certificate with a signature…

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Fun & Games January 2, 2006 posted by

Battling Yo-Yos.

Kodai Djinns Battling Yo-Yos. On-board fighting games, infra-red connectivity and some total rad funky design makes these a real departure from yer ordinary string it/sling it Yo-Yo-ness. Tempted, oh yes we are. £27.95/$48.00 for the battle set.  The idea is to spin your yo-yo in order to generate power and build up strength for your warrior. Flashing LEDs and nifty sound effects let you know when your Kodai Djinn warrior is sufficiently charged. You can then play seven video games…

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Fun & Games December 22, 2005 posted by

The MP3 LED Xmas Tree.

The MP3 LED Xmas Tree. Man, like shedding is so last year. Ditch the forestry and get yourself a true-grit 21st century marvel instead. Six foot tall, with an MP3 player located in the base to play all those Yuletide carol classics like Ding Dong Merrily on Hi-Fi and such. Heck, you can even download your own songs into it, using the USB cable. Integrated variable fiber optic LED light system included (psst….no more hunting for the broken bulb at 7am on Xmas morning). $169.99….

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Fun & Games December 13, 2005 posted by

Television’s End?

The End. Turn off the box, paste on this message sticker and go outside. You might like it! $11.38.  AREN`T YOU SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME IN FRONT OF TV? TURN IT OFF, PUT THIS STICKER AND START A NEW LIFE!

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diy December 9, 2005 posted by

Make your own scratchcards.

The Bandai Pripy Pripy Tape. Make your own scratchcards with this roll on metallic tape. Think of the opportunities to swizzle old Aunt Agatha’s fortune out of her grasping hands. Boggle. Around $4.00 a pack.

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Fun & Games December 9, 2005 posted by

The E-Plant.

The Genica E-Plant. The world’s first digital flora? OK, so it’s a bean plant that sprouts with a binary or @ symbol, but hey, that might be just enough to sway it with your favourite geek partner, eh? And it’s only $3.99. 90 day warranty and sprouts in 1 to 2 weeks.  With the Genica e-plant you get a bean vine (phaseolus lunatus – we think) that sprouts with binary “01001011” and “@” on it’s young, tender e-plant leaves (sorry,…

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Fun & Games December 7, 2005 posted by

The Body Motion Music Machine.

The Body Motion Music Machine. Take one ‘high quality digital camera’, throw in some motion tracking software and a software synthesizer and you’ve got a fun way to exhaust the kids this Xmas. Just make ‘em stand in front of the thing a-bobbin’ an’ a-weavin’ for an hour or two, and they should just about be ready for bed. $129.95.  Built into a colorful piano-designed stand, the camera tracks body motion in real time, converting each arm wave, leg kick, and…

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Fun & Games December 7, 2005 posted by

Sumo Robot Kit.

The Sumo Robot Kit. Designed to crush, mutilate and humiliate the opposition. Give one to your child immediately. $49.95.  The super warrior, SUMO ROBOT, can be controlled to assail and overpower its opponent or retreat to prepare for battle. An infrared sensor beam is emitted when detecting an opponent. Upon detection, it instructs the brain of SUMO to charge, thereby creating a bonafide wrestling match!

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Fun & Games December 6, 2005 posted by

The fast track boardroom toy.

The Designer Tyco Track for Boardrooms. A new German idea to help harassed company executives model their performance in a fun and exhilarating way? “So, Mr Gates, ze blue car acceleratink away von you iz ze Google-mobile. Your red motor, az you can zee, iz splutteringz.” Acrylic plate, magnetic tracks, shiny blue neon. Yep it’s gonna catch on. €1,299.00.  By let in magnetic stripes the running cars at the wall remain perfect in the trace. it is, you gives in…

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Fun & Games December 2, 2005 posted by

USB Powered Air Darts.

USB Powered Air Darts. Aim and fire with your mouse. C’mon, wage your very own war with weapons of mass compression. You know you want to. £19.50. [Update]   Powered by your mac or pc, you’ll have hours of flying fun with these USB air darts. Let the mission begin! * Control the aim and the firing mechanism of the darts via your computer mouse * Cylindrical base * 3 darts * USB powered * Software included

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Fun & Games December 2, 2005 posted by

Dream Life to go.

According to my new marketing friend Trisha at, the current top selling toy online is this Hasbro Dream Life TV Plug-in Game. It appears to be a $44.99 hybrid of Second Life and The Sims without all the messy stuff like interacting with other people. Just plug it into a television and you’re good to go, you can even save games to play round your friend’s house. Yikes. Xbox 360, what’s that?  Answers on an over heated remote control to…  It’s…

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