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Things that go ‘boo’ in the night!

Gadgets May 5, 2005 posted by


Snapalarm. Fiendishly clever Swedish smoke alarm that you install simply by snapping it into place around a light cord. Around SEK 349.00 (£23.00).  The unique feature of Snapalarm is its patented installation technique. You simply place the alarm in the cord of a pendant lamp with a click. No need to drill holes. It fits most cords, chains and rods, up to 2 cm. And it looks good! Remember! Place Snapalarm high up and in a central part of the…

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Gadgets May 5, 2005 posted by

Mouse mania.

The Connectland 10 Button Smart Mouse. On the basis that you can never have too many buttons on yer mouse. Or your house. Or spouse. You louse.  A$48.40.  Features * Plug & Play * 10 Direct Access Mouse Buttons * Ergonomic design to reduce RSI * Big 12mm scrolling wheel for ease of use * Luminous Blue scroll wheel…Buttons – 1. Left 2. Right 3. Scroll 4. WWW Back 5. WWW Forward 6. Vertical acc UP 7. Vertical acc DOWN 8. Application…

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Gadgets May 5, 2005 posted by

Anti RSI keyboard.

  From the start-‘em-young-and-willing-dept. The My Kids Anti RSI Keyboard and Mouse. ‘A’ shaped anti RSI key layout, 2/3rds size for teeny hands, typing fun software. Cute. $19.00.  The Mini Kids Keyboard is 2/3 the size of a normal keyboard. The distance between each individual keycaps was specially designed not only for kids’ small hands as well as for computer users with smaller hands.

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Gadgets May 4, 2005 posted by

Bluetooth it.

The Kanda Parani10 serial to Bluetooth adapter turns yer serial port into a BT port. It’s also quite a versatile beasty all round. Er..we’re talking 1.2km range versatile, see? $149.00.  The Parani10 uses Bluetooth wireless to allow serial devices to communicate at long distances – 200m with standard antenna and up 1.2Km with optional patch antenna. This means that you can: * Use 2 Pirani10 modules as a wireless serial lead that just replaces your serial cable * Connect a Pirani10…

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Next time you wanna buy something for a wacky relative, why not check out the Hummer Self Powered Radio? A cranky product for a cranky person, geddit? Sigh. $49.95.  HUMMER radio is powered by hand cranking so you don’t have to worry about depleted batteries when blackouts or emergencies hit. # Just two minutes of cranking generate up to 15 minutes of radio, including AM/FM bands, 24-hour weather-band and severe weather signal. # Removable LED flashlight provides up to 30 minutes…

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Gadgets May 4, 2005 posted by

#33 to go.

The Chinese Take-Out Handbag. Of course, why not? Where else can you keep your chopped liver and mustard makeup case? $15.95.  It may look like a jumbo-sized order of Moo Goo Gai Pan to go, but it’s actually our new Chinese Take-Out Bag. White vinyl bag features a zippered top, an authentic spiral metal handle and four metal feet on the bottom. The sides are screened with a fiery Chinese Dragon and the words “Thank You” and “Come Again” on the…

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Gadgets May 3, 2005 posted by

Stroller Pak.

Stroller Pak. Park and ride?   * Quickly converts between a backpack and a stroller * Folds down small enough to easily fit in aircraft overhead compartments * Adjustable height handle fits people from 5′ to 7′ tall * Accessory bag straps onto frame below seat for wheel storage * Lightweight aluminum frame * Quick release 12″ wheels allow you to remove and replace wheels in seconds

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Gadgets May 3, 2005 posted by

Hand painted prattle.

Hand painted Cordless Phones. $99.00. Er…  Our talented artist has hand-painted this 900MHz cordless phone just for you! Features Caller ID, 30# Caller ID memory, 10# speed dial memory, redial, channel autoscan system, handset locator, desk or wall mountable. Painted design will stand up to everyday use. Custom painting available on your choice of telephone with your choice of design – call for more information.

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Gadgets May 3, 2005 posted by

Joy to the world.

The Joytech PS2 LCD screen. Eight inches of digital monitor for PS gaming grandiloquence. With integrated Stereo SRS surround sound speakers and in car power adapter too. Perfect for the SUV, maybe? Around £98.00.  Dual function remote control included for both PS2 and monitor AV Multi Output allows connection to an external TV and Hi-Fi without removing the monitor 2 Stereo headphone outputs for private multi player gaming

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Gadgets April 29, 2005 posted by

LED phone.

The Mobile Torch LED. You’ve got a phone, right? But you’re not satisfied, you’re greedy, you want more. You want a flashlight too, right? OK, well here you are. Enjoy! And stop flashing it in my eyes like that you degenerate. $8.00.  Two LED lights torch for mobile phone or PDA The mobile torch can be attached to the back of your mobile Two LED lights give sufficient light to show you the way Only 5mm thick

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Gadgets April 29, 2005 posted by

Talking talking.

The 5X Talking Timer. Not just a timer that talks, but one that provides alerts in your voice for five different events. Boggle. No, no, scratch that. Double boggle. $24.99. ($24.99 $24.99 $24.99 $24.99)  In today’s busy world, multitasking has become a way of life. Whether it’s set to turn off a sprinkler or take dinner out of the oven, a timer can be a handy device to remind you when a task is complete…The 5X Talking Timer lets you…

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Gadgets April 28, 2005 posted by

AeroBase mat.

The AeroBase Flashing LED Mouse Mat with cellphone alert. Whatever happened to the good old days when mouse mats were flat grey lumpen pieces of tatty rubber? Flashing? Blinking? Alerting? Sheesh! $17.99.  The AeroBase is much more then your standard light up mouse pad. With 11 blue LEDs, which can flash in 15 coordinated sequences, the AeroBase sets the par for lighted pads. In addition, the AeroBase is sensitive to the electric signals in your cell phone, so when your…

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Gadgets April 27, 2005 posted by

Pass friend.

The Mandylion Password Manager. $269.00. Forgetful are we?  Built as a small keyring device, it can securely manage up to 50 logins, safe combinations, security codes, etc. that can be individually generated to meet the composition requirements of any login policy. Passwords can be any length up to 14 characters or namespaces. It can create passwords based on your settings for various criteria (such as length, alpha-numeric, special characters, etc.) and prompt you to change your passwords at preset time intervals…

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Gadgets April 27, 2005 posted by

Hum n’ Save.

The Hummer Piggy Bank. $39.95. Yeah well, what better way to save for those gigantic fuel bills, than with a coin guzzling piggy bank? Makes sense to me.  Realistic, scale-model HUMMER with working headlights, taillights and sound effects is an electronic bank that tallies quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. Open the HUMMER’s sunroof to reveal a cleverly hidden coin slot. The front wheels spin and lights flash when you make a deposit. Pop the hood to view a blue backlit…

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Gadgets April 26, 2005 posted by

Bag lady.

The Eight Bag Caddie. $39.95. Husbands – wife moaning about not having a car, or grieving over a recently departed poodle? Voila, a 2 in 1 solution.  The caddie rolls smoothly on two hard rubber wheels and holds a total of eight shopping bags that can be placed onto individual holding rungs. Because the weight of the bags is distributed evenly across the caddie’s wheel base, it will not pull to one side or tip over while in use.

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