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cool tech January 20, 2005 posted by

DIY surround sound cans.

DIY surround sound four channel headphone mod. Geeky? Sure. Hard to do? Probably. Effective? Apparently. Complete with mixing box.  In effect, you get a very real theater sound (Better sound then most theaters) It feels like your [sic] on the set, and you can hear many details that you never hear in the theatre…It’s fun to turn down the front speakers and just listen to the rears, there is often sounds from the crew or director that the mixer’s didn’t catch.

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cool tech January 19, 2005 posted by


Speegle. The talking search engine. Uber neat.     *      Just type in your keywords in the normal way and press enter or click search.    *      Ten results are listed and read out to you in order some may be skipped as they  have no content or they have been to slow to contact.    *      If you want to visit a page press the corresponding number on the keyboard and it will redirect to that site.   

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cool tech January 17, 2005 posted by


The PC HabiCase. The Ferret loves hamsters. Oh yes. Especially with a nice bechamel sauce…mmm! So how better to store lunch…er…our lovely pets than by using this fab uber-geek toy? $149.99. (Update: Ha!Ha! April Fool’s. Ferret walks away sheepishly, and a little hungrily. Thanks SA.)  The PC HabiCase allows your gerbil, hamster or mouse to live INSIDE your computer. Ample room is provided for climbing, or your pet can hang out in one of the two “play pods” located at the…

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cool tech January 17, 2005 posted by

Dect desk tech.

The Swedect 9to5. Connect the USB cradle to your PC, install the software and voilá, your mobile phone becomes an extension of your computer. Yep, a neato way to answer calls, send SMS messages, transfer data etc all from your keyboard. You even get your phone’s display replicated on the big screen to make things super easy. Around $80.00.  Place mobile phone in the stylish desk-top cradle, install software easy & convenient, connect USB device to computer to access opportunities to: Make and…

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cool tech January 17, 2005 posted by


TowerSeek. Another Bit Torrent search engine. Looking for the fastest download torrent for a particular large file? Try this.

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cool tech January 17, 2005 posted by

TiVo tools.

The new TiVo third party toolset announcement looks really ho-hum until you dig deep into the concept, at which point light bulbs start popping. The tools allow anyone with smarts and content like TV programs or music videos, to ‘broadcast’ it directly to TiVo boxes using broadband, i.e. without going through the traditional TV network routes . The Ferret reckons that this is colossal stuff, peeps, ‘cause once broadband is everywhere, all it needs is a widespread deployment of this kind of tech…

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cool tech January 13, 2005 posted by

Organize IT.

Socket’s OrganizeIT Suite. $299.00. A rather cool and definitely geeky way to organize and catalogue your collections using your PDA and their barcode scanner and software. A bit too ‘High Fidelity’ for the Ferret’s taste, but hey…  The software application in conjunction with the SDIO ISC scans UPC bar codes and retrieves valuable data on the web to complete a comprehensive database of music and video. Information can be synchronized between Pocket PC and Palm OS mobile devices and the…

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cool tech January 12, 2005 posted by


Is the PikAx the ultimate air guitar? Probably. [Thanks Tom].  The PikAx experience is two-fold. The first is what we like to call jammin’. Here you can select and assign your favourite riffs from your record collection and play like your guitar heroes. The second is where you can assign full chord sounds to the buttons of the PikAx and trigger them by strumming/striking the strings of the PikAx – letting you play like a true musician.

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cool tech January 11, 2005 posted by

Hands free and fancy.

The new Culmann Variocom VC4 (Deutsch) hands-free car phone unit is a real modular marvel. The feature set includes plug-in voice recognition, Bluetooth and GPS audio navigation cards and a neato PDA/laptop socket to let you use the phone as a modem for your snazzy handheld. The Bluetooth is so your passengers can also use the hands free features of the unit without inserting their handset. I think.

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cool tech January 7, 2005 posted by

OneClick and you’re gone.

The OneClick intelligent computer power strip. £28.00 worth of cleverness. Super neato.  OneClick the intelligent mains panel automatically controls the power to all of your peripherals from your computer. Switch on your computer and OneClick instantly switches power to your monitor, scanner, printer, games console and speakers. Switch your computer off and OneClick turns them all off again. It’s that simple. OneClick can save you energy, save you money, extend the life of all your peripherals and give you the…

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cool tech January 7, 2005 posted by

Hive mentality?

Lots of chat around about the upcoming new Exeem service [dead link at the moment, note!] to replace BitTorrent, but I’m wondering whether tech like this SwarmStream stuff is really the future of large file downloading? Answers on a broadband pipe to…  The SwarmStream SDK is a comprehensive suite of acceleration technologies that greatly enhance the raw speed and reliability, of enterprise, consumer, and military applications over Wide-Area Networks. Onion Networks redefines state-of-the-art by being the first company to provide WAN…

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cool tech January 6, 2005 posted by

Blue power.

HaveBlue. Fuel cell technology for boats. Pretty cool stuff.  HaveBlue’s proprietary hydrogen-based auxiliary power generators make that dream a reality. For the first time, powerboats will have a practical alternative to diesel generators, one that transforms the hydrogen in water (H2O) into the electrical power needed to run everything onboard… without detrimental environmental impact on the seas, inland waterways or the air.

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cool tech January 5, 2005 posted by

Dive, dive!

The Aladin Pro Ultra dive computer. $526.40. If this Ferret was brave enough to go diving – among all those creepy crawlies and slimy things – then this is definitely the watch he’d wear. Not the gold Rolex, oh no.   The Aladin Pro Ultra has an oxygen clock that keeps an eye on O2 toxicity. This computer also allows you to dive on normal air at 21% O2, or dive on a level of O2 from 22% to 50%. And as…

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cool tech January 4, 2005 posted by


Skype + Podcast Recorder = Skypecasting. Oh yes, funky is it indeedy!  The front-end solution for podcasters to create great sounding audio recordings from interviews and conference calls using Skype. For the last few days I’ve been recording podcasts using Skype. As the call ends with a couple of clicks it is converted to mp3 and uploaded to a blog. This is a real bloggers solution providing podcasting in almost real-time without resorting to studios, or fancy gear.

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cool tech January 4, 2005 posted by

Senso the dramatic.

The Rinspeed Senso is billed as the ‘most sensuous car in the world’. Let’s just hope that it’s not too temperamental or high maintenance as well, eh? More here.   …the idea behind the car is that it will sense and adapt to the driver’s mood. The car apparently uses a combination of biometric and other information to assess the driver’s mindset, then assists the driver to reach an optimum state of mind by altering ambient light, and “feel, smell and sound.”

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