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PhoneSoap UV Phone Sanitizer – Scrub-a-dub-dub without soap or water

PhoneSoap UV Phone Sanitizer PhoneSoap UV Phone Sanitizer   Scrub a dub dub without soap or water

The world is a dirty place, and you’re probably a little ripe by the end of the day yourself, Sunshine. A lot of that nastiness can latch onto your phone. Do you really want today’s funk following you into tomorrow? It doesn’t have to.

If you’ve ever tried to clean your phone by dunking it in the sink or tub, you probably discovered that’s not a good thing to do, making you decide you’ll just have to deal with a dirty phone until it’s time for an upgrade, but the PhoneSoap UV Phone Sanitizer lets you clean your phone with nothing but pure UV-C light. No soap. No water. No sadness over a dead phone.

Most of us probably don’t think about how dirty our phones can get throughout the course of a day, but think about it. You wash your hands and you wash your face. Why? That’s right, because your hands and face get dirty… and your phone touches both.

The really great thing about PhoneSoap – aside from the cool name – is that it works with any phone, and it’s designed in such a way that you don’t really have to change your routine. Just place your phone in the Sanitizer when you head to bed and let it clean and charge the phone overnight.

Do you use your phone alarm to get up in the mornings? No worries because PhoneSoap has unique acoustic outlets designed to let you hear your notifications and alarms even when your phone is being cleaned.

Also, while the charger/sanitizer was designed to be used with phones, it can actually be used to clean anything that will fit inside it. If it fits, it sanitizes.

PhoneSoap is available for $49.95.

 PhoneSoap UV Phone Sanitizer   Scrub a dub dub without soap or water

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    I use alcohol swabs as it also removes hand grease from it.

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