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Thunderbird Group Sort – my inbox is now truly reclaimed

thunderbirdinboxsort small Thunderbird Group Sort   my inbox is now truly reclaimed

OK, so you hardcore Thunderbird email client users will know this already, but I’ve just discovered the View-Sort by-Grouped by… feature of the program and it’s going to revolutionise my life. Problem? Too many email messages in my two inboxes. Solution? This view displays the top pane in a grouped date order so I can keep track via a live archive of emails in my inbox. No more frantic scrolling through hundreds of messages to find the one I need to read or reply to. Oh bliss! I cannot tell you just how much I needed this without realising it. For the first time ever a marketing puff actually makes it in real life – I now have reclaimed my inbox. Wow.

thunderbirdinboxsort2 small Thunderbird Group Sort   my inbox is now truly reclaimed

 Thunderbird Group Sort   my inbox is now truly reclaimed

Red – who has written posts on The Red Ferret Journal.

  • DTM

    I updated my Thunderbird a little while back and this little feature popped up for me as well.

    Every now and then I click the wrong sort mode in the message pane and it disappears and it takes me 10 minutes to find it again but I agree with you Red. It makes everything much much easier.

    Thunderbird is go.

  • So now instead of scrolling to find a message you have to click to ungroup, then scroll, then click to group, then click to ungroup next group, then scroll, then… You got the idea why i really, really don’t like this feature :)
    For searching messages there is Search. For more accurate search there is Google Desktop.

  • Red

    Heh, yeah I know it seems weird Jealousy, but believe me it’s working for me. I think it’s because I was just getting too confused with 200-300 messages per folder and having to work out what I’d read and what not, that having them in folders kind of breaks it all up for me. I can keep up to date with the current stuff and leave the older stuff to be dealt with when I get a free second or two. Before that it was all becoming an email blur to me…. :-)

  • LSP

    I can't use the sort-by feature, the button stays gray.
    What do I have to do, so that I can use it?

    • Set the main sort to 'Sort By Date' (View – Sort by – ). That will un-gray the button.

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