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35 Ways To Make Money With Your Web Browser [How-To]



So it’s the new year and one of your resolutions is to sort yourself out and try and earn a little extra cash to support your Pokemon habit? No biggie, nowadays everybody needs a bit of extra cash, and there’s plenty of ways to make it happen. One method is to get yourself a second job, but what if you don’t want to – or can’t – commit to a fixed schedule and just want to ‘earn as you go’?

We’ve scoured the web to find a few simple, genuine ways to make an honest buck using just your laptop and an internet connection. Although some of these methods require technical expertise, most do not, and I promise to keep it as low-tech as possible so everybody gets a chance!

Disclaimer 1 – the suggestions below are basic ways of making money online. Let me know in the comments if you feel you’re ready to go pro, and I’ll point you to the right resources where you can learn to make a real living online.
Disclaimer 2 – some of the services will work for you, some not. The idea here is to try them with a little patience. If one of the services doesn’t work for you, simply skip it and pass on to the next one on the list. When you find one that works for you dive in and have a go, but still continue testing more services just in case.

IMPORTANT – Make sure you share this list with your friends. Some of them might need an extra hand to close their months, and one of the below services could be just what they’re looking for.

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1) – Sell Your Mobile-Phone Captured Video Moments

Auction your cameraphone videos and get rich by becoming a wannabe Paparazi. Or not. From the look of the home page most videos are pretty generic, which is not going to buy that fur lined Ferrari real soon. Verdict: Great earner if you’re good friends with Lady Gaga.
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2) – Sell Your Hair - Sell Your Hair
$500 for 11 inches of ‘luxurious’ hair? Quick where’s my Rogaine? This site offers a great repeat business opportunity if you’re in your twenties, and don’t mind being paranoid about a thunderstorm wrecking your business. Verdict: Hair today, gone tomorrow eh?
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3) – Get Paid For Being A Virtual Jury Member - Get Paid For Being A Virtual Jury Member
Getting paid to sit in on a virtual jury may sound lame, but think about it. All you do is sit at home reading words on a screen, before giving your mock verdict on a mock trial. Worth $10? Sure, if you’re a very fast reader. Verdict: Perfect for those times when the TV is broken.
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4) – Make Money Helping With Homework - Make Money Helping With Homeworks
Now this is more like it. Earn thousands of dollars by helping lazy students with their homework. Who needs teachers anyway? If only all education was based around an auction process. Verdict: We’ll see your essay and raise you a dissertation.
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5) – get paid for teaching others how to cook

Can you cook? Do you loooove cooking? Then why not get paid for teaching strangers how to make your favorite dishes. All you need is a Google+ account and a webcam, oh and a kitchen we suspect. Verdict: A delicious ways to earn yourself some money online
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6) – Got A Cool Story, bro’? Get Paid For It! - Got A Cool Story Get Paid For It
So you met George Clooney at a bar last night? Got a juicy tale? Well join the gutter press and sell these guys your story. If it’s good, you’ll grab lotsa money, plus a star in the Pig Journalist Hall of Fame. Verdict: Just leave your scruples at the door, darling.
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7) – Buy Or Sell Anything For $5! - Buy Or Sell Anything For $5!
This is the ultimate place to go crazy and let it all hang out. What can you offer people for $5? A logo? Some research? A waltz on Christmas Eve? It’s all up for grabs here. Verdict: The ultimate concierge service for those on a budget.
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8) – Sell Your Best Photos! - Sell Your Photos!
Earn money for your photography. You’ll need to upload a lot of pics to make it pay the heating bills, but if you’re a keen amateur this is as good a way as any to hustling a living. Tip, try to avoid pics of your Gran at Thanksgiving. Verdict: You don’t need a Nikon any more, just a good eye and some stout walking shoes.
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9) – Sell Documents Online - Sell Documents Online
Selling documents is not something you’re going to boast about at your birthday bash, but hey, if you’ve got some mad skills and can write them up, who knows? You choose the price, they take a cut. Verdict: Great for out of work lawyers.
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10) – Wander From Planet To Planet Fighting, Trading And Getting Rich - Wander From Planet To Planet Fighting, Trading And Getting Rich

The first virtual universe with a real cash economy? Let’s hope you can do better in there than our politicians out here. Send your avatar around from planet to planet fighting, trading and trying to get rich. Good luck with your quest, noble human. Verdict: Probably one for the basement dwellers only.
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11) – Make Money By Telling People Your Story - Make Money By Telling people Your Story
Profit from your passion, it says here. In other words you get paid for the length of time people spend reading your subscription based mobile blog. Not a new idea, but seems to be generating cash. Gasp! Verdict: If you’ve got something interesting to say, say it for cash.
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12) – Earn Cash Completing Small Online Tasks - Earn Cash Completing Small Online Tasks
Earn money doing tasks via Facebook. We’re talking data entry, image processing and other fabulously interesting tasks, but hey, maybe you can post to your wall in your spare 2 minutes tea break. Verdict: Get paid for playing on Facebook all day? As if…
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13) – Sell Their Products To Your Customers
Dropshipping is not new, but the web sure makes it newer. You choose what to sell from the vast catalogue of seller products, think of it as a Chinese eBay type marketplace. Tip, use escrow, check shipping costs and be wary. Verdict: A home for the very brave.
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14) – Answer Questions And Get Paid.

justanswerEveryone’s an expert in at least one subject, even if it’s just poodle washing, and now you can put that knowledge to work and earn money for it. Just register for your category of choice and wait for the questions to flood in. Verdict: The cutting edge of know-it-all-ism.
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15) – Rent a room, grab some cash

Ever thought of becoming an unofficial hotel? It pays pretty well, even if you’re not in the right part of town. All the insurance and bits are taken care of, so all you need to do is answer emails.  We know folks that rent and then go stay with friends for the night. Verdict: Anything that annoys the hotel business can’t be bad, right?
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16) – Get Paid For Reporting On Specific Pieces Of Info gathered From Your iPhone
Using the wisdom of the phone, this happy chappy lets you earn money doing phone surveys or checking on stores as a mystery shopper. You receive your orders as an agent, so does that make you a spy? Verdict: The Mission Impossible of crowdsourced earning.
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17) – Create Logos For Small Companies - Create Logos For Small Companies
Pull out the inner creative and you may be able to earn a nice living creating logos for small companies. Tricky? Then why not try a software program like AAA Logo to make the job easier? Verdict: Perfect pin money for the inner artist in us all.
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18) – Get Paid To Be A Virtual Juror! - Get Paid To Be A Virtual Juror!
Oh look more lawyer work, only this one pays a bit better, up to $30 a case. Receive the paperwork, answer the questions and you’re done. Easier than sitting through yet another round of American Idol in your towelette shorts. Verdict: Absolutely, Your Honor.
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19) – Join The Online Consultancy Portal And Make Money With Yuor Expertise In Any Field
Online consultancy portal lets you set up as an expert in whatever field you want. You fix your fees, they supply the Internet phone number, you profit. Popular with the people counsellors. Verdict: Your very own leather bound patient therapy room…online.
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20) – Become A Language Teacher To Make A Living - Become A Language Teacher To Make A Living
What could be easier than teaching a language online through a chat room? Well elephant wrestling for one. But if that doesn’t scare you, why not try helping someone learn your language, at your rates. Verdict: No hablar Anglais.
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21) – Another Way Of Making Money By Selling Your Coolest Photos - Another Way Of Making Money By Selling Your Coolest Photos
One step up from a traditional stock photo site, this one lets you sell your images, sound effects and music all in one location. Prices start at $2 and up, so you need to shift some media, but if the Getty family can do it… Verdict: Singalonga cash.
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22) – Make a Quick Buck Freelancing For Others
This generic freelancing site has lots of opportunities for project jobs, ranging from office assistant to wedding planners and babysitters. Jobs are posted, you bid, you win. You work. You eat. Simple equation make for happy. Verdict: Young gun seeks challenge!
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23) – Make Money With Amazon Scalable Workforce Program - Make Money With Amazon Scalable Workforce Program
What more can you say about MT, the service that put the crowd into sourcing? Earn pennies from home by doing trivial things your dog would sniff at. But millions love it. Strange thing civilisation. Verdict: Do what you love, earn a bit of cash. Joy!
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24) – Get Paid For Sharing Your Opinion - Get Paid For Sharing Your Opinion
Paid online surveys? What’s cool or unusual about that? Well for one, this one actually looks like it pays out. And for another, it may actually have some surveys. Anyhoo, we thought we’d throw in a chestnut to see if you were paying attention. Verdict: Do you like chocolate, Y/N?
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25) – Buy And Sell Anything…no seriously…anything! - Buy And Sell Anything!

No wait, come back. We’re talking weird stuff auctions here, things like instant underpants, grubby pennies and the giant inflatable toilet in your attic. You’ll be amazed what people buy, just take a look at the link. Verdict: One man’s rubbish is another’s…WHAT THE…?
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26) – Get Paid To Write Reviews


This is the perfect place for the opinionated. Where else will you get paid for writing reviews of anything from talcum powder to the latest Hollywood movie? The payment scheme involves votes which are worth $0.10, so you’d better be popular. Verdict: who said having an opinion didn’t pay?
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27) – Earn $ By Completing Small Tasks For The Crowd - Earn $ By Completing Small Task In Exchenge
Sign up as a worker bee and do such luscious tasks as data mining and image processing (e.g. looking for illicit smut). It’s a far cry from that PhD you were aiming for, but hey, it’s crowdsourced right? Labor on demand never sounded so sweet. Verdict: Hipster gravy, perhaps?
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28) – Sell Your Handcrafted Products - Sell Your Handcrafted Products
Good with your hands? Then try making something, anything, and stick it on here to find buyers. Just don’t be boring, think unisex choc-chip bracelets, Super Mario clocks, Nintendo earings. Go for it! Verdict: handmade doesn’t mean boring!
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29) – Get Paid For Viewing Ads! - Get Paid For Viewing Ads!
Get paid for viewing ads. No wait, seriously, there are advertisers willing to pay you to sit and look at an ad for a certain amount of time. It’s not clear how much brain damage can result from the activity though, so do be careful. Verdict: If you love ads, you’ll love this one.
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30) – Get Paid For The Stories You Find! - Get Paid For The Stories You Find!

Oh look, yet another gutter press opportunity for you would be journalists. What is is with the Brits and celebrity hunting? It’s easy to earn big. Just go hit an A list celebrity car and you’ll clean up. Honest. Verdict: Lotto cheat vicar in terrorist love triangle mystery.
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31) – Snoop On Retail Stores For Cash

Got a phone and a computer? Then you can earn cash by being a retail stores biggest nightmare, a secret snooper. You’ll get paid for checking that everything’s going smoothly so the big brands can sleep easy. Verdict: definitely the weirder side of retail marketing.
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32) – Get Paid For Testing That Websites Work Properly


If you enjoy browsing websites, you’ll probably enjoy getting paid to test and report on sites so their owners can make sure they’re well designed. You’ll need to deliver an audio review plus a screencast video, but the pay’s not bad. Verdict: getting paid for improving the web never felt so good.
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33) – Sell Your Niche Expertise To Reporters Looking For A Story - Sell Your Niche Expertise To Reporters Looking For A Story
This is an interesting one. Think you know enough to help a reporter finish a story? This service links up experts and journalists, so that some fair and balanced reporting can get made.  Help a journalist, make some cash. Sounds nice. Verdict: won’t someone think about the editors?
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34) – Help Others In Real Time and Help Yourself At the Same Time


Share your knowledge and passions with others over a live video conversation, either for free or charge per session or minute. Google grabs 20% of your earnings, but if you’re good in front of a camera, this could be your chance to build a nice little consulting business from your webcam. Verdict: your very own paying pulpit.
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35) – earn money from doing things on the web which you would normally do anyway


You know all that time you spend searching the web, playing games, shopping and watching videos on the web? Yeah, well now you can earn money from doing this stuff. You’ll need to be a total web-head to earn anything meaningful, but hey, points can be redeemed for gift cards from places like Amazon, so it’s kosher. Verdict: what me, a slave to the machine?
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