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Bookmark This! June 30, 2006 posted by

Wufoo. Another cracker of an online application, this time for making forms. So that sounds boring right? Wrong. Forms are the backbone of the Web (just think about the number of forms you fill out to buy, join, sell, visit and plain read online). The beauty of Wufoo is that it takes away all the pain of setting up database configurations etc, and just lets you put together a hot looking form. It’s a simple but vital role. Lovely. [Thanks Tom]…

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Bookmark This! June 29, 2006 posted by

Crowdsourcing comes of age? OK, so they’re Canadian, they’re trying very hard, and they appear to be full of the kind of earnest integrity that is missing from many other current start-ups. What’s the beef? It’s basically an ideas incubator a la Open Source with cash prizes, and there are a couple of very cool twists. First the community decides on whether an idea goes forward, and then, if it gets to market, everyone who has helped out along the way (i.e. inventor, copywriter, coder, logo designer etc) gets a…

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Bookmark This! June 27, 2006 posted by

Picture editing a go-go.

OK, here’s a tale of three online photo editing services. Which one will survive and thrive? Time will tell. 1. Picture2Life. Rough, ready, Flikr type interface, effects, collage.    2. SnipShot. Slicker, big images, only very basic tools so far. 3. Cellsea. Super slick, huge stack of tools, ambitious, impressive.

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Quik Maps.

QuikMaps. Another lovely idea. A Google Map that anyone can annotate and use on their site, send to their friends, for business etc etc. You can even save multiple maps for different purposes. Very nicely done and free. Bookmark it!

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Bookmark This! June 23, 2006 posted by

Global search engines.

Global Search Engines. 3000+ search engines from around the world. Jolly useful for Johnny Foreigner, what?  Hi, welcome to Search Engines Worldwide which is a list of global and local search engines sorted by countries in the world. Search Engines Worldwide is one of the largest collection of search engines on the internet. Whatever you are searching for, you can find it here, utilising this very large number of linked search engines.

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The Non-Destructive Windows XP fix.

The No-Reformat, Non-Destructive Total-Rebuild Windows XP Fix. Fred the Langa reckons you can ‘non destructively’ repair a dodgy Windows XP installation while leaving your existing applications untouched and fully working. I’m sure I’ve tried this and failed miserably, but maybe I did something wrong. You have a go.  But it’s worth exploring because this option lets you completely and nondestructively rebuild, repair, or refresh an existing XP installation while leaving already-installed software alone (no reinstallation needed!). It also leaves user…

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Sinkmyship. If you love Battleships you’re going to love this free online multiplayer version. Just sign in – registered or as a guest – pick a partner and start playing. Great graphics, great gameplay of course. Chat available too. Java and Ajax, so I suppose you could say it’s a Web 2.0 game. Nice nice, I wish the boys luck with it.

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Bookmark This! June 15, 2006 posted by

Publish with Dublish.

Dublish. Super simple free online publishing service. No registration, just enter username and password, and write what you want to say. The username is in case you need to edit or delete later. You can use HTML, embed video, allow comments, etc etc. Lovely simple implementation, and very well done. Check it out!  The purpose of this site is to create an easy way to publish information very fast. It’s not a blog, though the presentation of the articles is…

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Gliffy. Think Visio as an online application. Web apps are the new black, aren’t they? This one is rather nice, I have to say, although when a couple of us tried out the collaborative function, it didn’t work at all, so it’s clearly a work in progress [maybe that’s why it’s called a Beta, duh? – Ed]. Interestingly enough the FAQ claims that this is just part of an upcoming ‘suite’ of online programs, which definitely could be interesting. Anyway…

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Bookmark This! June 5, 2006 posted by

Photo sender.

Dosize. Resize and send your digital photos in 3 easy online steps. Select and upload image, choose size, email to friends. Photos are deleted after 30 minutes and no email addresses are stored by the free service (according to their privacy statement). Looks like a pretty useful site if you ask me. (And yes of course you can right mouse click the image file name, Send to, Mail Recipient, Show more Options, but this is still cool.)  We are a group…

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Bookmark This! June 1, 2006 posted by

Jetable. Lovely. A temporary spam fighting email address where you set the expiry time – from one hour to one month. Perfect for those sign ups where you’re not *quite* sure. And, joy of joys, there’s a Firefox extension. Get it now.  To avoid spam, provides you with a temporary email address. As soon as it is created, all the emails sent to this address are forwarded to your actual email address. Your antispam address will be deactivated after…

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Phone 2.0.

A tale of two new millennium phone services. In the geek corner, Voxalot. A free least cost routing SIP service which offers a lot of functionality wrapped up in a rather kludgy design. Of especial interest, the cheap VoIP rate for mobile calls. In the marketing corner, Talkety. Phone to phone ring back offering cheap VoIP calls without the hassle of having to set up hardware etc. Basic service, pretty package. Who will win? Why the company that comes along…

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