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Gadgets December 12, 2007 posted by

Battery Alarm Clock Radio – is it a radio or a gold topped dry cell in disguise?

Battery Alarm Clock Radio. You’ve gotta love this haven’t you, an FM alarm clock radio that recreates the look of the world’s favourite gold topped battery? It’s not that small though, as it needs 2 AAA batteries to work. Nevertheless, a perfect meld of form and function say we.  Features: Digital auto scan FM radio 12 hour format Alarm clock Power Source:2 ×AAA battery (not included) Tags: battery+clock+radio, gadget, novelty

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Fun & Games December 7, 2007 posted by

iYule – mucho holiday cheer comes to a screen near you

iYule. The most wonderful Cali from the most excellent Geek Brief TV show emails me to say that they’ve created a delicious little video of a roaring Yule log fire to celebrate the seasonal cheer. It’s offered in a number of formats including PC, iPod Video and iPhones and costs a mere $10.00 for the whole package. Yo! Ho! Ho! indeed, ma’am.  30-minutes of crackling fire and a beautiful original score by Geoff Smith formated for wide or standard screen portable players (iPods,…

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but is it art? December 6, 2007 posted by

The Eccentric Cubicle – new book brings quirky left field DIY to the boring office box

The new Eccentric Cubicle book is chock full of quirky, fun things to make and enjoy while you slog out your life in that grey soul-less box of a cubicle month after month, week after…[that’s enough…Ed]. My personal fave is this BallistaMail gadget, otherwise known as a Projectile-to-Peer (P2P) Intercubicle Messaging device. A great geek fun-fest for handy harrys everywhere. Office Accessories from a Parallel Universe. Indeed! $19.79.  The intent of this book is to infuse the new-school Maker community…

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heh heh! December 5, 2007 posted by

I Wonder Why?

Snapped this yesterday. It made me laugh anyway – in an understanding neighbour kind of way. (click on image for a larger view). Tags: holiday+blues, good+neighbour, photography

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heh heh! November 29, 2007 posted by

Shag Combo – pimp your ride and die

This Shag Combo will do wonders for the new Mercedes you’ve got sitting in the driveway. C’mon, who’s going to notice you’ve tweaked it a bit? Get all Starsky & Hutch and state your case before you’re old, creaky and grey. $39.95 for the whole 5 piece kit. And may Liberace have mercy on your soul. Tags: shag+combo, novelty, car+accessory

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Gadgets November 1, 2007 posted by

Floral Tool Kit – this remorseless spread of anti-macho has got to stop!

Floral Tool Kit. Guys, gals, we beseech you. Before it’s too late. This remorseless and unstoppable wave of pink and flowery equipment is doing irreparable damage to every part of society. Grown men now have to wear aprons to fix plumbing problems, ladies have to dress in skirts while cleaning the gutters. It’ll end in tears, really it will. £18.95 ($37.47). And we’re not even going to mention the Pastel Daisy Computer Desk. Shudder! $228.95.  Everyday, useful tools turned into…

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Gadgets October 2, 2007 posted by

Hand Casting Kit – turn your body parts into high art…

The Hand Casting Kit is ever so slightly out there, in a sort of Andy Warhol meets Fisher Price kinda way. Mix up the goo, stick your hand in it to create a mould and seven minutes later throw in some Plaster of Paris for the final result. Paint it, mount it, give it to your boss or just gaze at it in awe. We’re dumbstruck. No really. A$69.95.  Create your very own Statue of David…or Bill or Cheryl or…

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heh heh! September 17, 2007 posted by

Inconspicuous Toupee – now you see it….

The Inconspicuous Toupee is just about perfect in every way. Elegant, discreet, and clearly custom tailored for every purchaser. And at just $6.95 each, a huge advance for follicly challenged human beings everywhere. Hurry while stocks last!  Never worry about your thinning hair again. Grab this realistic and easy to use toupee! Ok, so it’s not realistic, but it is easy. Simply strap to your head and your bald spot is “inconspicuously” covered with a lovely swath of thick brown…

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Bookmark This! July 9, 2007 posted by

Web 2.0 Badges – bling your new service

Web 2.0 Badges. Badge creator, badge tutorials, badge badge badge. No self respecting Web 2.0 entrepreneur should be without a badge. Nope. No sirree. No way, Jose.  Web20Badges is a set of free and very cool Web 2.0 Badges. They are probably one of the most popular trend in Web 2.0 time. They might have various round or square corners and eye-catchy colours. They immediately attract visitor’s attention, it’s most over-used trendy little design technique in our days. Badges can…

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heh heh! July 5, 2007 posted by

My, how he’s grown…

My, how Spencer’s grown. Nevermind, eh? [Confession time: I bought Nevermind solely on the basis of that brilliant cover image. Walked into a store on a whim and walked out with a bunch of newly released albums including this one. Best impulse buy I’ve ever made.] Tags: nirvana, spencer, music, nevermind

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Gadgets June 29, 2007 posted by

Control A Kid Remote – keep the little tykes under control with one device

The Control A Kid Remote Control looks like a pretty awe inspiring tool for long suffering parents everywhere. The buttons include such vital things as ‘Grow up’, ‘Do Homework’ and most importantly ‘Don’t Answer Back’. Of course the range of the remote might be a bit of a problem, we couldn’t  get ours to work properly at all. You’re bound to have better luck though, eh? £3.99.  The Control-a-Kid remote has all the functions you will need to help keep those little monsters under control….

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but is it art? May 15, 2007 posted by

m:ssage – the massaging phone

The m:ssage is a mobile phone with a difference. The subscription fee of £25.00 a month includes 250 free massages, which is a pretty good deal in any language. The video explains all.  The m:ssage handset is one of the leaders in a new generation of luxury mobile phones. Hand-built with care, from the finest materials, it facilitates a new level of intimacy between partners. The m:ssage handset comes with its own unique phone number and should be given to a…

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