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heh heh! January 7, 2005 posted by

Man, that hums.

How much fun is it to rescue a swank and very stuck $50,000 Hummer with your 22 year old Jeep jalopy? Lots we bet! $50000 for your Hummer H2$300 for your custom H2 license plate$450 to fill up your H2 with GAS @ $1.89/gal & 9 mpg Pictures of your Hummer H2 on the internet being rescued by a 20 year old Jeep from a 12″ stump in a parking lot beside a port-a-jon for all the internet to see $PRICELESS$  

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heh heh! January 6, 2005 posted by


The BeDazzler is back apparently. Oooh, how decadent. $19.99.  The hottest craft item in America is back! Redesign your clothes and create a whole new look with this cool device. The Be-Dazzler safely fastens rhinestones and studs to jeans, T-shirts and almost anything else you can think of! Create your own style, set a trend or just look great!

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heh heh! December 21, 2004 posted by

The Pen-ultimate.

The Graphyscaf Pen. $3,200.00 gets you so much ‘ow my eyes’ that you’ll start to ring-ding-ding. Oh yes!  Solid gold nib; stainless steel body with 12 micro gold-plate; non-precious stones This seriously bling-worthy pen is made up of 195 separate components assembled with 296 rivets. Ink is loaded into the pen by putting the nib into an ink well, and then rolling the wheel at the top of the pen

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