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MyPad – A 5 inch Windows PDA and phone


A Windows Mobile 6.1 based UMPC might be a strange choice of product releases for i-Week, but this MyPad has the goods. First there’s the gorgeous 5″ 800 x 480 screen with a 624MHz processor behind it. Inside there’s b/g wifi, Bluetooth 2.0, PC sync, a microSD slot (16GB max, 2Gb included) and auto screen rotation. There’s also a 3 megapixel camera and 320×240 .3gp or mp4 video recording.


The phone part is quadband (850, 900, 1800 and 1900MHz) with data connectivity from 2G to 2.75G (WAP, GPRS and EDGE). There’s no 3G option. Being Windows Mobile it can also open all your Office documents and talk to Outlook. It also has a built-in stylus. US$310

The moment you pick up the myPad you feel the difference. With a 5 inch high resolution touchscreen, everything on this smart phone looks so much clearer and easier to read than you ever thought possible from a cell phone. Forget about that needle sized stylus, the ultra-responsive touch screen on the myPad has a 800×480 resolution and an intuitively designed menu system that will effortlessly follow your finger, no matter where it is pointing.

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  • Typical windows thingy – neither here nor there. Flush it, along with the brown Zune.

    • …and that piece of junk iPad.

    • So, tell me how long you have used your iPad Nige? I could try the other thingy, because it's too big to be a phone and too small to be a pad. Your severe biases are running rampant. I just use super great devices.

    • Pot, kettle's calling. :)

  • Apple leads, everyone else copies and follows. No viruses either. Of course they only have 20 million users in the US, so they're not worth worrying about. Censor?

  • sirron says:

    1. Windows Mobile is crap and needs to be flushed.
    2. Zune is crap and needs to be flushed.
    3. Windows is typical meh.
    4. Apple is the best. God I love Apple.
    5. Nigel is a BIASED sob because he doesn't like *every* Apple device.
    6. No Apple viruses (LMAO – sorry, this one really made me laugh)
    7. I am not a fanboy and my logic makes sense, I just use the best devices.
    8. Also, I am not a mental escapee…

    Nigel = 1 / siccon = 0

  • "8. Also, I am not a mental escapee… "

    How do you know?

    • dude
      did you know that IBM simon is the first phone to have touch screen 1992…and was followed by HTC which had good touch interface 2002…apple iphone was released 2007….so who is copying know???best UMPC is gigabyte U60 search in google to find its features…

    • Yeah! And a caveman had a touch-rock. See the 'Shirley Valentine' movie. "The wheel Miss." 'Someone must have told you'.

  • LOL – great answer, cheers!

    • get a life loosers if not that then at least a girlfriend..LAME !

  • I'm really thinking of ordering one, but I would like to see the screen quality first, so hoping for some video…

  • Disappointing response, Rambo… Thanks for playing anyway.

    You came across like some wild, panty-wearing keyboard warrior. The new generation of fearless but plump agoraphobic man-child who bombs out ten-year old children retorts like it was the latest fad. It's an oldie but never became a classic so I can't give you any points for this. Sorry.

    You also left out the 'living in mother's basement' jab. If you had included that, I might have been convinced you were doing parody but sadly… I do believe you were serious.


  • Okay Apple fans, you fail to respect the most important aspect of this great phone – WIFI and a 5 inch screen – full on pocket-size notepad & PHONE!! Clueless rotten apples.

  • I agree Obamanable, also Mypad runs java based software and games, Opera 5 over the wifi is superb, it also has built in gps and runs tomtom7, a g-sensor and a 3mp camera is also very handy. What more can anyone ask for in a phone that fits in your pocket.
    The only one that comes close is a dell streak, that's ok if you have about £600 and like the Android OS.
    It's very hard to beat Mypad on functionality and price.
    And finally,(for Sirron) a chinese company has a law suit against Apple, for copying their design, so who copied who?

  • HI Woodsy
    CAN YOU CONFIRM IT HAS GPS, they didnt mention on their website under specs. thanks. PLEASE REPLY to [email protected]

  • Hi dil, it seems some have it, others don't, mine hasn't but I got TT working on a bluetooth GPS. I pulled mine apart to see how hard it'd be to fit the Ublox gps chip, the aerial plug is there but I couldn't easily see where it fitted so gave up.
    The badged "Speedtiger Mypad" definitly has GPS plus updated 6.5 OS

    • Thanks

  • I got one of these off Ebay. WiFi didnt work, and the battery life was all of 40 minutes !

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