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Switch To Mac makes it super easy to migrate your data from PC to Mac

We don’t enjoy platform wars. What computer or phone or car you use is pretty irrelevant really. Just as long as it delivers value to your life and serves you reliably then that’s fine, right? We don’t see why people have to get so angry about this feature or that feature, or why my version is better than yours. Which is why we’re pleased to see that there’s a nice new tool to make it easy to move your data from PC…

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Fun & Games May 24, 2012 posted by

Basketball Shooting Clock Shaqs you awake every morning

You like sports right, especially basketball? Now let me take a guess…you also hate getting up in the morning and would like nothing more than to ignore the stupid alarm noise and return to snooze-ville. Which of course gets you into trouble. Well what about a new product which will help you enjoy waking up, instead of annoy you?

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Eco Friendly May 22, 2012 posted by

Bondidea Solar Wireless Mouse moves your cursor using the power of the sun

The race seems to be on to reduce the power footprint of our computer peripherals, and nowhere more than in the area of input devices. We’ve already got wireless keyboards and mice which can last for years on a single battery, and now there’s a new challenger in the shape of a solar powered mouse. Not only is it a cute idea, but it could be the way of the future in general if the tech works as advertised.

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Fridgebook is a social networking communicator which won’t disappoint on IPO

We promise we’re not going to mention THAT name, or that IPO or anything to do with disappointment, loss and jumping out of high buildings. But we thought you might be interested in an alternative social network which has the potential to invade every home, or kitchen even. This networking communication tool is simple to use, effective and won’t reveal your private secrets unless you want it to.

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cool tech May 19, 2012 posted by

Honda UNI-CUB Personal Mobility Device gives us all another reason to stay seated

Japanese industrial giant Honda has just announced the latest in its range of battery powered ‘personal mobility’ devices, the Honda UNI-CUB. Behind the cute name lies a long history of technological hard work, the fruits of which we first saw back in 2009 with the Honda U3–X. This new incarnation of the scoot-about is similar, but offers a number of refinements which have obviously come about through extensive user testing. 

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Gadgets May 16, 2012 posted by

Silicone Swim Gloves help you swim with the fishes

Is there a modern Aquaman movie out yet? No? Well there should be. The idea of swooping around in the water, as graceful as a dolphin and cool as a mermaid is our idea of a great vacation. Of course the reality is a lot of splashing, quite a bit of gurgling and not a lot of elegance.

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Gadgets May 12, 2012 posted by

Arcam rPAC USB audio converter magically improves your computer audio

Computers are great for all sort of stuff, like writing resumes, designing CD covers and tweaking photos of your Great Aunt Maude. But they’re typically not great at making audio sound awesome. Most computer audio cards, especially in laptops, are barely passable in terms of audio quality; the sound you get from them is more like your average MP3 player than anything else.

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Gadgets May 11, 2012 posted by

iStuck gives your $1000 smartphone that added bit of class

What can we say about the iStuck Bubble Gum Phone Stand that will do it justice? Could we rave about the aesthetics of the design? Or wax lyrical about the colour options (pink!). Or perhaps we could mention that the product was inspired by a visit to a nearby High School classroom desk? Whatever we come up with, will not do this perfect smartphone accessory justice, that’s for sure. For those with an interest in the technicalities, the phone stand is made of rubber, and works…

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Gadgets May 9, 2012 posted by

iCrayon provides a fun alternative to a stodgy stylus

Everyone takes their technology too seriously nowadays. It’s all cool brushed metal this, and sleek stylish bezel that. What the world really needs is more fun with their gadgets – less sombre, more tee-hee. Not only will it make those dull business meetings more interesting, it might get you noticed by people that count. H.R. for a start.

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Gadgets May 8, 2012 posted by

The Everlast Sauna Suit sweats up a better you

Apparently there are more saunas in Finland than cars, with just about every home having one installed somewhere in the basement or yard. Having sat in several Finnish saunas in my time, I can confirm that they’re hot. Very hot. And as for this idea that you have to run out into the sub-zero snow to cool down afterwards? Madness, is all I’ve got to say.

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