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Very Cool and Weird Back to School Tech! + GIVEAWAY [REVIEW]

Alright, so school has finally started, which means a lot of kids or parents are looking for the best tech for school! Because you can find hundreds of videos about the cheapest and best tech, we made a list of the weirdest, but also coolest, tech gadgets you need to get ready for school!

First up, we have the Pocket VR, and this is also the part where the giveaway happens! The Pocket VR is a quick and simple solution for everyone who wants to dive into the VR-world. For around $60 you get a well-built VR case with sharp lenses. You also get a case for your phone in the box.

The only thing you need to do is hold the Pocket VR in front of your eyes and start a VR clip or game on your phone. The Pocket VR is available for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S7.


Well, you’re probably here for the giveaway. I’ll have to disappoint you, it was just clickbait. JUST KIDDING! You can win a backpack filled with cases of your choice from Speck! The only thing you need to do to enter the giveaway is comment on the Youtube video ‘I want to win!‘ and like the video. That’s it. I’m going to announce the winner in the next coming days!

Alright, let’s get on with the reviews of the other products!

Next on the list is the Bittboy. You probably already know the Bittboy, but if you don’t: here’s a full review on the product. The Bittboy is a handheld NES device which has 300 games on it – the old version at least. Though there are some duplicates and weird games on the list, it’s still a lot of fun and nostalgia. Yes, it’s actually a Game Boy Color!

It also has the option to connect it to a television, but I would not recommend that. It’s a little weird. All and all, this is a fun toy to play with when you have a break or when you’re at lunch!

Number three is something to fidget: the Infinity Cube. The one I reviewed in this article is not cheap. It’s almost 100$, but it’s made out of the best materials (they say). The Fidget Spinners and Cubes have been around for over a year now and are still popular. They are not only fun to play with, but can help you concentrate on what you are doing!

Although it’s not cheap, it’s still a lot of fun to play with and it reminds me of those photo cubes from back in the day. You can of course find them cheaper on Chinese sites, but they won’t be made from the best quality materials. A must-have for students struggling to concentrate!

Next is the Vibe-Tribe Mini Troll. You’re probably wondering what in the world is this?? but it’s actually an impressive little resonance speaker. It’s not a normal speaker! It uses sound waves to produce sound, instead of speakers built in.

It works by putting it on a flat surface. It uses the big surface to spread the sound waves and produce a clear, strong sound. It’s not going to be the loudest, but it’s a very cool gadget to impress your friends with!

Every student needs a phone, but when you’re low on cash or when you’re just looking for your first smartphone, an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy can be out of your league. Luckily we have Chinese brands to help us out! Meet the Elephone S7. This Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 clone is actually pretty neat and very inexpensive.

Which doesn’t mean that this phone is bad. Not at all! It has a very cool design with the curved edges and it runs very fast. The only negative things I have to say about this device is the camera quality and sound quality of the speakers. But for the price, I can live with that. I made a full review on this phone in this article.

Last tech-thing you need to know about: The Bobby Backpack. Okay, this is not your regular tech gadget with batteries and LCD-screens, but it’s a backpack. Not a normal backpack, but still a backpack.

As you can see in the picture above, it’s theft-proof, cut-proof and it has an integrated USB charging port. The theft and cut-proof part is very interesting, because you need your gadgets, phones and laptops to be safe, don’t you? I tried cutting the backpack, but that didn’t work. You can’t cut through it, it just makes some scratches. With the integrated USB-port, you can charge your phone. Note that you still need to connect your own power bank inside the Bobby. The backpack also looks has a futuristic look and feels good and light when wearing it.

I hope you enjoyed our list and don’t forget to compete in our giveaway!

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  • I’d like to win. =)

    If I could pick: I could really use the phone. Bookmarked it since you reviewed it a few weeks ago.

    The backpack or portable speaker would be very useful as well.


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