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Video of the week – Beat a fingerprint lock with a photocopied thumb.

How to beat a fingerprint lock with just a photocopy of a thumb print and a bit of spit. Mind you, don’t most biometric locks now feature PIN numbers as well? 

[youtube width=”345″ height=”275″]oXyFmieZjiE[/youtube]


  • I’m not bashing you for posting, but my response to this is “… AND?”. Why is it interesting that with a COPY of the keyed fingerprint they were able to get in? That’s like saying, “I bet I can subvert your metal keyed door! Watch! Give me your spare key for a few seconds.”

  • Jeff, you don’t leave copies of your keys everywhere you go either, but you do leave your fingerprints.

  • Sure, but I think everyone is a bit prematurely and overly outraged at the simplification as shown on Mythbusters.

    Nevermind that they also had the keypad combination.

    Is it really that mind-blowing?

    So, to open the lock, you need:

    a) A clean lifted fingerprint
    b) A decent reproduction of it
    c) the keypad combination

    Eh. Whatever. Just my opinion.

  • It’s still hard to acheive, but the point was you can fool those lock with a photocopy. This is bad!

  • I have defeated fingerprint scanner with thermal sensors, simply by blowing hot breath on the scanner. The breath gave it the heat, and the oils from the person who used it left were set-off by the moisture. Worked like a charm. Let me into a secured facility all the time in college :).

  • Actually this could come in handy, at my school in london where there is no key code and we register for class with fingerprints. Infact I am the only person in my school who refused to give my fingerprint to the ludicrous scheeme.

  • I think the most worrying fact was that they managed to do all this with what appears to be a ‘lifted’ fingerprint off a glass or something. Which kind of defeats the object of the whole security thing a bit.

    The one good bit of news is that it could save a few people from losing their thumbs to a villain with a knife and a deep desire for your property.

  • A biometric password is the only password you CAN’T change when it is compromised.

    Just sayin’.

  • now that’s hilarious. i hope all villans are alerted to that fact, technology has made it easier to spill less blood. i think its pretty cool that u can activate the lock by just blowing hot air.

    i think the most dangerous thing about bioID is that once that’s stolen, u cant get a new one. it’s not like u can get new prints if yours are compromised.

    haha….hot air

  • wow, rmeister0, thinking the same!

  • it’s still a very viable technology but you just have to use a pin in addition to the print.

  • Iris scanners FTW

  • even worse is that many companies that sell cheap fingerprint locks are owned by asian and arab illegal aliens and are fly by night companies that probably won’t be around when that cheap lock breaks. Most of these companies seem to be in california.

  • We unfortunately 3 cheap finger print locks from one of these companies in California and had nothing but trouble with them from day one. We tried calling them for support but either they didn’t answer or when were lucky enough to get through we got someone who couldn’t speak english and they were supposed to be customer support! LOL.

  • IMHO it’ll be more saver to have a combination of fingerprint and eye scanning. But again … if there is a lock and this lock was made by human there is a way to open it. So, let’s add to the lock some sensors and cameras :)

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