1 Million Free And Legal Music Tracks (General Music Sites)

One of the fastest growing community of indie artists on the planet. Broadjam is the engine driving the music of independent musicians around the world.
Music community for independent music artists offering online auditions, streaming radio, free downloads and music sales. Offers artists the highest payback anywhere in the world. [Update: Nice looking site, some good music, although not a huge selection of free downloads yet. Red.]
Musical Family Tree
Features a lot of indie bands from Mid West USA, in the hope of exposing them to a larger audience. Message boards, downloads, streaming, it's all there. (Update : Definitely worth a look, if you like this style)
Belgian mp3 site, featuring over 1000 tracks for download and streaming from 600 artists, all in English.
Started as a online record store but now also a record label, magazine, internet radio station and mp3 site. Alt-country, Folk rock, Americana and singer/songwriters are strongly represented but pop, emo and indie rock are here too.
A front end portal for more than 16,000 artists and 51,000 tracks. Throw in some news, forums and a general community feel and you get the picture. Nice place to visit and worth taking time to browse.
Reasonably sized indie music sales portal with a fair amount of full tracks to download. Definitely worth a visit.
mp3 blog which also hosts downloads from labels such as Radio Khartoum and Ninjatune. Reviews and more.
Music News, Album & Concerts Reviews, Free and Legal mp3's, Music Videos, Art / Entertainment and much more.
This niche site offers music from independent musicians releasing their own material - unlike many large portals, it chooses quality over quantity and has unique english quirkiness with reviews of the artists. It's a cross between an english music mag and an mp3 site. Nice design and some nice features.
My Space
Mmm...whatever happened to MySpace? Once *the* place you had to be, it's now relegated to a sideshow, a place where bands put a track just to tick the box. Still a huge selection of music to listen to, but really it's a waning power in the online music scene. BUT if it's too loud, you're still too old!
Acid Planet
Sony funded community site featuring streaming tracks created with the ACID Xpress package. This means you'll likely only get a particular flavour of music, but hey, it's surprisingly listenable stuff. Perhaps because the site charts are created from real people votes, so quality bubbles upwards. Definitely worth a listen.
Nice selection of over 6000 tracks for streaming and download, along with useful reviews. Definitely worth a look!
United Bands
Lots of free downloads from Indie bands around the world, but mostly in America. Lots of community features, voting, friends, online journal and more.
MP3 Raid
We're generally not a big fan of this type of advertising heavy site, but in this case we're making an exception, since they do actually serve up a lot of tracks for streaming and some for download. Current material is also on offer, and all of it legal.


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