1 Million Free And Legal Music Tracks (Non-English Sites)

At the crossroads between, blues, soul and Americana, there's us... With some French and English lyrics, a French band that's really kicking...
Great synthesizermusic from germany. The most tracks are for free download!
La Mundial
Band and website (in spanish) from Barcelona, Spain offering not only their music, but also many other copyleft musical works.
Manolo Almeida
Site of the singer Manolo Almeida in which you will be able to download more than 40 songs in mp3 corresponding to his two albums, home records and preproductions. In addition, also his literary work is available for downloading.
The rough guide to music you don't hear on the radio, in French. Also a record label and French collective T.I.M.E.C., with Electronic, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Jam Bands, Pop, Rock, Reggae and World music.
A German site, easy to navigate with a big selection of genres, and a search engine.
German language portal that specializes in finding quality free music downloads from around the world. Great site features are music compilations for lazy people and the Top 100 download chart. (The link opens the English welcome page.)
German language weblog-magazine that specializes in interviews, portraits and in finding quality free music downloads from around the world. Also you find the weekly netaudio-charts, a place to get to know new artists by giving them a listen. Last not least you find even mp3-mix-tapes...
A French libre music portal, a non-profit org. All-days-growing community of over 40+ labels, 300+ artists, licenced under 16+ different copyleft or CC licenses. Music archive (also in english) in ogg/mp3 format, streaming, podcasts, comments...Rss feeds, news, forums, links base...


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