1 Million Free And Legal Music Tracks (Streaming Only Sites)

Bhangra, gazals, indi pop - all sorts of Hindi music tracks are here. Unfortunately it's only Real media streaming, and pretty poor quality at that. The servers need working on too. But it's a start.
San Francisco based alternative rock web radio station. Lots of cool music in a variety of bandwidth friendly formats. Right on, dude!
Kulak's Woodshed is a 'Labor of Love'. It's also a "A Live Internet Webcast Acoustic Music, Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Blues, Country, (anything goes), seats 'bout 40, kinda . . . thang". Very worthy and very Californian!
Accu Radio - Internet radio YOU control. Range of around 12 modern music genres, nice selection of tracks, streamed at good quality.
Nicely styled 'artist showcase' and streaming mp3 radio service which offers music from around 500 artists. No downloads but features a nice per track rating system.
Streaming the 'ultra heavy' beats. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Streaming German electronic 'net label'. Also features a constant streaming radio service.
Dance, trance and elektronica. Streamed in a variety of formats. Also offers advertising free premium streaming services.
Real Media music stream showcasing new music. Based in San Francisco. No downloads.
Big daddy of daddies in the streaming music world. Thousands of amateur run 'stations' broadcasting everything from classical to pop. Fabulous free resource, especially when allied with the free and awesome Station Ripper program. Superb!
Aggregating streaming service which curates material from places like Last.FM and Hype Machine, and presents it all in a neatly organized catalog. Nice selection of tracks, available also for download and purchase. Definitely worth a look.
Nearly 400,000 tracks of very high-quality, major record-label tracks spanning the last thousand years, from obscure medieval music to cool jazz to hip-hop released last week. Works are copyrighted but all costs are absorbed by bluebeat.com, since joining and listening is free and without advertisement. Site streams at 160 or 320 kpbs.
Interesting new online streaming service offers indie and mainstream artists for free via an innovative advertising model. Register, gain credits from seeing ads and create playlists from 3 million songs. It's no Spotify, but still worth a try.
Nice streaming site offers 11 million songs for free streaming in a variety of genre radio stations. It's owned by Peter Gabriel - yes that one - and the key feature is the search. Just enter one song or genre name and the site will deliver a bunch of cool songs you're gonna enjoy. Definitely worth a look.
Yep, streaming is defintely the new black here at the start of 2008. This fancy looking site comes with all the trimmings - oodles of music, artist bios and that oh so common design that looks like it was created in a laboratory.


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