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Awesome July 11, 2012 posted by

Unotelly is the global entertainment system we’d all enjoy if it wasn’t for the lawyers

The world is full of great entertainment, music, television, movies, games. You name it and someone somewhere has put it together for our enjoyment. The one massive obstacle to our participation in this fun fest is the army of lawyers and accountants currently blocking all attempts to allow unfettered access to the content, in order to protect their fading business models. And this is not about piracy, it doesn’t even matter if you’re happy to pay, they still won’t let you.

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Google Maps gets an offline map update…the end of the paper map arrives?

Digital maps are awesome, and top of the tree at the moment is the venerable Google Maps. This map and navigation product started out in typical Google style as a low-key, fairly basic offering, with bare bones location information presented in a clean and nicely designed interface. My how times have changed. Last week’s launch of the latest version of Google Maps on the Android Play market has moved the whole genre onto a completely new level, since it now…

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Kingsoft PC Doctor turbocharges your computer’s performance…in a safe way [Freeware]

The fact that there’s a ton of programs out there to improve the performance of Windows computers says a lot about the resilience of the modern PC. As we all know, using a Windows machine is rather like running a marathon. Sooner or later your computer hits a performance wall, the speed drops dramatically and you end up scanning the adverts for a replacement machine in desperation. But often there’s no need to upgrade, all you need is a tune up…a…

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ISeeYou Lite keeps the screen on while you’re looking at your Android phone, just like the Galaxy SIII [Freeware]

One of the great things about an open development platform like Android is the free reign it gives independent developers to let rip with their skills and imagination. No sooner is a cool new feature announced from a major player like HTC or Samsung, than you’ll find coders across the world trying to deliver the same utility for other phone users on the platform.

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Bookmark This! June 26, 2012 posted by lets you stream and watch US and UK shows from anywhere in the world

There’s been a fair amount of technology thrown at the problem of how to watch content on sites like from outside the US over the years (and vice versa re UK shows from the US). So far the solutions have tended to be VPN style, where you install some software, fire it up and then ‘tunnel’ your way into the North American continent like some digital mole. The advantage of these fixes are they’re quick and easy, the disadvantage is you’re going…

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Alive Video Wallpaper is the first HD live video wallpaper for Android which doesn’t suck [Freeware]

There’s a bunch of live wallpaper apps out there for Android, which typically come with a variety of different features and formats. Some are little more than animated slide-shows, others deliver pitifully low resolution video or stutter badly in operation. But to date there’s been no real ‘practical’ video wallpaper product which didn’t suck up all your phone’s processing power or battery life.

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Awesome June 22, 2012 posted by

The brilliant Airdroid integrates your smartphone and laptop browser to deliver real awesomeness [Freeware]

The smartphone is starting to push traditional computing aside, simply because a handset is generally more convenient to use than a cumbersome laptop (and let’s not even mention desktop PCs, where are they now?). Of course you can’t do everything with a phone, but you can definitely handle most of the communication tasks, like email and instant messaging (WhatsApp = total awesome!), as well as things like location searching and simple information browsing. But there are times when it would be really useful…

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Awesome June 19, 2012 posted by

10 superb Android apps that will make your smartphone photos sizzle [Freeware]

If you’re one of those who are convinced that smartphone photos are destined to forever remain washed out, blurry, flash destroyed disasters, think again. The latest breed of high resolution phone cameras has spurred on a new generation of apps designed to take advantage of all that lovely power and glory. These free apps promise to banish bad flash day and herald a new dawn of sophisticated DSLR functionality which almost – but not quite – could be mistaken for…

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Connectify Lite transforms your laptop into a full WiFi hotspot [Freeware]

It’s a real shame that selfish commercial interests have made it so difficult for communities to set up their own shared WiFi networks on a large scale, but that’s the way it is for now. Apart from services like FON the reality is that the most pervasive public networks all cost money. However there is another option if you’re willing to take a bit of time to install a freeware solution.

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Awesome June 8, 2012 posted by

Pear Comice 4 operating system turns your ratty old laptop into a blistering Mac clone [Freeware]

Which one is better, Windows or Mac? It’s a religious argument that’s been going on for as long as time has existed. Or close. Of course it’s not important at all, but still people argue and argue as if it was, such a waste. Now there’s a new way to incite even more discussion, because it looks as though Linux systems are slowly emerging from the shadows which mimic the iconic Mac desktop and more.

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Subsonic lets you create your own Spotify cloud music service for free [Freeware]

Suddenly it seems like the world is awash with music services, but for many people it still isn’t enough. The problem is you need to pay for these services, which can be hard for those with a limited budget or a religious aversion to paying for music delivery. There are free alternatives to commercial music streaming though, and with a bit of time and effort the results can be excellent.

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Survival Guide makes your smartphone a lifesaver [Freeware]

Never mind the hassles of fighting your way through department store sales day, you never know when things could get really rough. Like, eat or be eaten rough. And when that day comes you’re going to need a friend close by who can stop you doing stupid, and ensure that you have at least a fighting chance of surviving one night without peril.

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