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RiteTag – get the best hashtag for your next post

Hashtags are still an important tool for social media use. If you just use social media for your personal life, then it’s probably not THAT important what you tag posts with but if you’re into marketing or trying to get you work noticed by the right people, hashtags can ma e a difference. RiteTag is the app that helps you get the best hashtags for your posts.

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RiteTag – get the best hashtag for your next post

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Free Smurfs’ Village app could cost you serious money
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Merged – the no frills match-3 game to waste some time
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Mon 05 Mar 2012

Online privacy issues are a big deal nowadays, and for good reason. Companies like Facebook and the rest seem to […]

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Thu 29 Sep 2011

Create internet tasks using ifttt
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Wed 31 Oct 2007

Poperti. A desktop email client which lets you stream music stored in your Google Mail account. What’s dat, you say? […]

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Thu 15 Jan 2009

I’ve been Alpha testing the new free open source Boxee for Windows media manager and the more I play with […]

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Mon 16 Sep 2013

Announcing the Hubski Comments WordPress Plugin – a cool way to bring the thoughtful web to your blog [Freeware]
We reviewed the rather fine social community a while back, and if you remember we were rather impressed by […]

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Tue 08 Dec 2009

Converber is a super freeware program for converting stuff. Lots of different stuff. Over 1300 bits of different stuff to […]

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Mon 28 Apr 2008

Cost of Smoking Calculator. This small freeware program aims to supplement the health negatives of smoking with a simple but […]

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Thu 13 Sep 2007

Simplify Media for Windows and Mac lets you listen to your home iTunes music library over the Internet and browse […]

SignNow - sign documents on your phone…

Fri 04 Jul 2014

SignNow – sign documents on your phone with your finger, no pen needed [Freeware]
A few days ago, we wrote about a handy app called CamScanner, which scans any photo and turns it into […]