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Gadgets January 11, 2006 posted by

The Bling Bluetooth Headset.

The Pink Diamante Bluetooth Headset. Designed with taste and discretion for that perfect woman in your life. Five hours talk time, Li-ion battery and up to 200 hours standby. And baby, with this on her ear she will *definitely* be standing by. £47.95.

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Mobile Tech January 9, 2006 posted by

P2P traffic jam buster.

Israeli company Cellint has come up with a product called TrafficSense which collates info from driver’s mobile phones, and combines it with speed data, travel time and stuff to provide real time traffic jam updates. The technology will effectively track multiple handsets in a given area to warn drivers of traffic jams up ahead, without the need to install expensive sensors en route. Yay, we say.  “Many traffic jams develop from nothing to a major jam in a few minutes – so a real…

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Gadgets January 6, 2006 posted by

Cell phone lenses.

Add-On Cell Phone Lenses. Now here’s the thing. After-market add-on lenses for PDAs, cell phones and the like are definitely a cool idea. No doubt. But why oh why, in the name of all that’s David Bailey have the guys decided to split the product packs up into two sets – one with macro and two other useless types, and the other pack with tele and two other useless versions? Everyone knows that tele and macro belong together, don’t they? Especially at $15.00 a…

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Mobile Tech January 6, 2006 posted by

iCare, do you?

The iCareMobile S-Series Mobile Phone. No display, speed dialling, SOS dialling. Perfect for distressed gentlefolk across the universe.  The S-series mobile phone is the perfect communications tool for companies who need to be in contact with their staff, drivers, reps etc. and still have full control over cellular airtime expenses.

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Free Software January 2, 2006 posted by

ScanR scanner.

ScanR. Turn your camera phone into a scanner, copier or fax. Take photo of document or whiteboard, MMS it to ScanR, receive back a cleaned up PDF ready for action. In free beta at the moment (US only). Hmm….interesting but dangerous….?  Here are some of the ways people use scanR: 1. Keep digital copies of checks they write 2. Email signed expense reports 3. Send notes to meeting attendees 4. Fax a contract while on the road 5. Save whiteboard…

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Mobile Tech December 22, 2005 posted by

USB Phonebook Flasher.

The USB Phone Book Flasher. Rather strange name. Anyway..ah…it’s a nifty mobile phone backup device which houses a handset connector on one end and a USB port on the other. One button backup and restore of your precious phonebook data. Looks quite dinky too. $21.00.  # One touch to SAVE your Phonebook (Phone and SIM) to the Phone Book Flasher # Plug-and-play USB connection to EDIT your Phonebook in the PC # No CD ROM, no Installation, bulit-in PC Editor…

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Mobile Tech December 8, 2005 posted by

The Flamingo Earphone.

The Cellpoint Flamingo. The folks at Cellpoint are claiming that their new Bluetooth wireless headset with ‘patented Earclick’ is one of the lightest and most comfortable of its kind on the market. Well at 11g, it’s certainly light, and it’s got to be more comfortable than the abominable BlueSpoon I checked out a while ago (and which I never got working despite the company sending me two of the things). So maybe it’s worth a look-see?  The Flamingo’s lightweight and…

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Mobile Tech December 7, 2005 posted by

The Teddyphone.

The Teddyphone. The world’s first ever 100% free mobile phone for kids. No screen, 10x lower radiation than conventional handsets, four speed dial buttons, child monitor for a sneaky listen, SOS button and an optional built in tracking service. Oh and did we mention it’s free apart from call charges? Grab ‘em young and they’re yours forever, my friend.  New mobile phone tracking technology allows you to send KidsOK a two-word text whenever you wish, wait a few seconds and receive…

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Free Software December 2, 2005 posted by

Google Send to Phone.

The Google Send to Phone Firefox Extension is jolly clever, peeps. It allows you to copy, paste and send snippets of web information direct from the browser to your mobile phone via SMS. So you could send yourself a phone number, address or driving instructions (presumably less than 160 characters). US only at the moment, but will go international if popular enough, and it’s free to send. Yep, it’s yet another cool app.  Google Send to Phone for Firefox is an…

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Mobile Tech November 22, 2005 posted by

It’s a bag, lady.

Aquatalk. Dude, you call it a waterproof case for mobile phones, we call it a plastic bag. You know, like you get down the corner store? You say it’ll let us use our handsets safely in the bath. We say bubbles. You say we can talk through the thin plastic membrane. We say you’re talking through yours. Yellow, blue, pink, yada, yada, yada. $5.00 each. Right! [Via Odd Things]

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Gadgets November 17, 2005 posted by

Phone for the elderly.

The MS2000 Mobile Phone for the elderly. Five quick call numbers, hang up, dial and power buttons. What more do you need really, when it comes down to it? Italian designed, dual band, no LCD, ‘built in vibrator’, talk time 2 hours, 40 tone polyphonic ring.

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Gadgets November 10, 2005 posted by

Sniff an’ talk.

Keitai KunKun cellphone smell tones. Pfaff, keep your snazzy ringtones, what you really need are odour tones which trigger when your mobile phone rings or an email arrives. Must be activated by the signal from the incoming call. Mind you, not sure it’s going to be much use when your phone rings in the middle of a crowded commuter train, eh, and you’re mashed up against armpit from Accrington?  Is the first among the world! It is news universal design in…

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Mobile Tech November 2, 2005 posted by

Possio GSM fax machine.

The Possio PM70 GSM Fax Machine. Poignant rebirth of 20th century tech with 21st makeover. Proof that old technology never dies, it just morphs into black plastic mouldings. £628.63.  Wherever you are you can send and receive faxes….sign an important document and send it back immediately…from your car, boat….FROM EVERYWHERE!!! The kit includes the Possio PM70 portable fax with Possio Cardphone…Just insert a fax enabled SIM card into the Possio Connectivity card. Plug it into the Possio PM70 and you have your fax…

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