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Neverwhere Records
Neverwhere Records is an independent record label specializing in dark ambient, experimental electronic and space music. Download Free mp3s of Neverwhere Artists.
Another indie band site. Limited downloads from bands like the Fruit Bats. (This makes me look like I know what I'm talking about, but really I have NO idea who the Fruit Bats are/were/could be. Sorry!)
Free mp3 downloads from the innovative underground rap collective Anticon.
Small label by the looks of it. (Guys, why doncha use an About Us link and make my life easy eh?)
a platform for electronix to create and inovate sounds and music. with artists from sweetzerland, germany and england... providing high-quality music and vision to your terminal. diffrent styles of music flushing together for an excellent output. free media for free people! the netaudio place for electronic-music lovers
Small electronic net label featuring mp3 downloads and stuff.
Small 'net' label, featuring downloadable electronic music from a roster of artists. Nicely presented.
US indie label. Fair few artists on the roster, and a small collection of mp3's available for download.
New York Indie label. Small but interesting selection of mp3's available for download from their roster. But wot, no Belle & Sebastian?
The "original" SoCal pop/punk label founded by Fat Mike from NOFX. Limited downloads.
Classy, 21st century record label/distribution site with an impressively growing list of artists from many genres. No download links, but lots of free streaming and radio stations, applying the shareware idea to music, and if you fish the urls out of the playlists, (open them with a text editor), and copy/paste them into your browser's location bar, you can download the 128kbit mp3s directly, which are lisenced Creative Commons. Listen before you pay, and pay as much as you want too. 50 % goes to the artists ! Very cool ! ('Update' : And now they can send you 'real' CD's too.)
Home of the Harshnoise music label. Numerous free mp3 downloads of tracks by some great harsh noise artists. Be aware that when they say 'harsh' and 'noise', they mean just that!
Opsound is a record label and sound pool using an open source, copyleft model, an experiment in practical gift economics, a laboratory for new ways of releasing music.
One is a netlabel of the highest regards even though they are still relatively new. Strict quality control and a slow release schedule continue to set them apart from the pack. Highest recommendation.
Tune Resource
Nice Canadian label selling lots of old blues, folk and other eclectic material for reasonable prices (e.g. $4.99 for 118MB file download of Blind Lemmon Jefferson tracks). Artists also include Elvis, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong and others, along with a fab streaming 40's jukebox and a few free Mp3 downloads. But not enough folks!!! C'mon don't be mean, upload some more!
A german CD-R and netlabel, bringing you a wide range of indie music from postrock over electronica to abstract rap. All the music is free and creative commons licensed.
Indie label featuring noise, noisecore, darkwave, spoken word and other "Cruel and Unusual Music". Plenty of free mp3 files plus all songs are availble for download for 75 cents!
CD Baby
Fabulous online record store with 71,000 artists. Taste the 2 minute streams of their huge catalog.


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