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Mobile Tech January 4, 2008 posted by

Phone Protector – remotely lock your mobile phone by SMS

Phone Protector. Install this software program on your handset (Nokia Symbian only at the moment) and locate and lock the phone if it’s been stolen or lost. It also features an online CELLID location service which can pinpoint your handset’s position down to 500 metres. More here.  In case of theft or lost you can remotely lock your mobile phone with Phone Protector by using the SMS messaging system. When your phone is locked your data is protected. It will be impossible for third parties…

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Bookmark This! January 4, 2008 posted by

SortFix – the drag and drop search engine

SortFix. A search engine shell which uses the normal Google/Yahoo! engines, but gives you the option to select (by dragging words into boxes) more relevant or irrelevant search terms and so refine your results list. Sure it adds one more action to the search process, but for some applications – and for newcomers to search – it could help speed things up. Try it out.  Behind the scene an intelligent algorithm imitates a professional searcher – by scanning and examining the…

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cool tech January 3, 2008 posted by

Flexible Keyboard & Skype Dial Pad with USB Hub – cool, versatile, bendy travel keyboard

Flexible Keyboard & Skype Dial Pad with USB Hub. We’re talking super versatile, super bendy, super multimedia here. A virtually indestructible, washable, roll-up keyboard with a Skype dial pad, built in microphone and speaker and 2 USB prots [ports, idiot – Ed]. Oh, and apparently it’s strong and silent. So…ah… what’s not to like? $59.99.  Strong and silent # Washable and hygienic # Portable and storable # Simply wipe up any spilled liquid with a damp cloth # Lightweight, ultra-slim and…

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Bookmark This! January 3, 2008 posted by

Free Music Zilla – free music downloads from social music sites like Imeem and

Free Music Zilla is a neat new free music download tool which lets you grab tracks to your hard disk from social music sites like Pandora,, Imeem and MySpace. Suddenly music sharing becomes all trendy wendy again. Download and install the software, then fire it up, surf to the music site of your choice and the program will automagically download the tracks you listen to (max of 10 tracks a day for this free version). The file saves in a Flash…

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cool tech January 2, 2008 posted by

$2500 car inches closer to production – cheap cheerful and…well cheap

Indian car maker Tata is apparently on course to start production of the world’s cheapest car by the middle of this year. The PR machine may be in full swing, but it’s interesting to note that the management are now saying that the 70 mpg vehicle may end up costing more than $2500.00 when it arrives, dependent on commodity prices and the level of some Indian ‘government incentives’, which is a whole ball of wax on its own. The thing has already…

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hmm..interesting January 2, 2008 posted by

Kwari – now you can earn cash while playing a first person shooter game

Kwari. Well it had to come. A first person shooter (FPS) game which pays real life cash for success. Judging by the site blurb it looks as though the developers have really put a lot of thought into the game and pay engine, as well as anti-cheating system, which means that this could be a very interesting experiment indeed. The game features challenges, traps (which drain your money), in-game cash prizes and pickups and something called The Pill, which is…

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cool tech January 1, 2008 posted by

The Life Cycle – real life personal planning device

The Life Cycle concept is a clever little personal planner device designed by Stefan Krivokapic which gives you an overview of your time utilisation. Tasks are displayed as coloured stripes, and you hook it up to your computer via the USB port to synch up your personal data. We’re talking time as colours rather than numbers. Fascinating idea.  The Life Cycle is aimed at people who work for themselves or need better daily scheduling. With the Life Cycle you can see…

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diy January 1, 2008 posted by

How to make emergency eyeglasses – jungle survival 102

How to make some emergency eyeglasses. Useful little tip, no?  These emergency glasses are designed to restore a bit of your sight by working on the principle of the pinhole camera. The pinhole captures only certain straight rays of light that focus on the retina of the eye (or on the film plane of a pinhole camera). Align several of these pin holes onto an opaque surface and look through it, and voila! – each hole becomes a tiny lens…

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