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Mmm…wonder if it works?

hmm..interesting September 27, 2006 posted by

Splice – music mashups

Well if colour was money, Splice would be a multi-rich play-a. Bright, cheerful and full of Web 2.0 joie de vivre, the site lets you mix, record, listen and chat music with your friends and enemies. OK, maybe not enemies. They have to use Enemiestr. Anyway have fun. [Quick note guys – I do not like having to sign up to learn more about your service. Kind of the wrong way round, if you get my drift!]

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hmm..interesting September 25, 2006 posted by

OneCafe coffee bags.

OneCafe filtered coffee in a bag. Well it had to come didn’t it? This Swedish company claims to have developed a coffee bag which combines the taste of regular filtered coffee with the convenience of a tea bag. Apparently the secret lies in the filter fabric. 88% of testers thought it tasted better than the coffee they usually drank at home. Their website is a bit borked, but you’ll get the picture. Without the smell. [Via Smartstuff]  The filter bag…

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hmm..interesting September 22, 2006 posted by

Protect My Photos. A photo backup service which looks interesting. You get unlimited storage (well up to 25,000 images per account) and automatic incremental backups which happen in the background as and when the program sees that you’ve added new images to your computer. It’s an interesting idea, but at $49.95 a year perhaps it might be better to invest in a full online computer backup service like Carbonite?  Once you install the program, we take care of the rest. Simply pick…

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hmm..interesting September 11, 2006 posted by

Custom portrait.

Ryan Terry’s Online Portrait Machine. Now here’s an interesting idea which could be developed. Let people input their mood, personality, likes, dislikes etc and generate a customised portrait just for them (that’s the Ferret’s portrait up there). Why not art for one? Why not indeed.

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hmm..interesting September 1, 2006 posted by


Hmm..yeah, FireOlive. Interesting name for an interesting website, which is nothing more than an online audio shoutbox. You know, you log on and leave your message for the world on the topic du jour. Kinda weird, but kinda fun.  FireOlive lets you listen and record VOICE messages about current news. Call 1-312-212-FIRE (1-312-212-3473) OR Skype us (download skype here) to record your message. Your VOICE message will be published here within 2 to 5 minutes. Your phone number or skype…

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hmm..interesting August 30, 2006 posted by

uPlayMe. A social music network. Again.

uPlayMe. Download the client, and it’ll see what music you’ve been playing on your computer and hook you up with like-minded music lovers. I don’t know, is this useful? Any more so than PandoraFM? You decide.  Now there’s a simple way to meet people and find new music just by playing songs on your computer and iPod! Download uPlayMe (it takes less than 15 seconds on a cable-modem), register, and that’s it! As you play music, uPlayMe finds people who…

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hmm..interesting August 25, 2006 posted by

New Sky TiVO type service coming?

Interesting snippet from a chat I was having with a Sky person the other day. Apparently all new Sky+ HD PVR boxes are being shipped with 300 GB hard disks inside, of which only 160 GB is available to the user. When pressed to suggest why, the spokesperson vaguely but significantly suggested that the Sky service might soon add some kind of TiVo like functionality, where the system automatically recommends and downloads content to the second partition for you based on your…

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hmm..interesting August 22, 2006 posted by

Remote Wars.

Five remote control facts. (Source: Sky Television). The average telly fan loses the remote an average of 3.4 times a week and spends more than two minutes looking for it each time. An astonishing one third of people have hidden the remote from someone else and one in five people have thrown it at someone in a fit of ‘remote rage’. One in five people say they have remote rows every couple of nights, with six per cent admitting most evenings…

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hmm..interesting August 18, 2006 posted by

Web 2.0 bubble blown?

So the Kiko Web Calendar service is up for sale on eBay, eh? Is this the start of a downward spiral in the Web 2.0 mini-boom? Or just a good example of Google trashing competition in its backyard? Answers on a snarky blog, please to… [Q: What’s the first sign of a Web 2.0 site in trouble? A: A blog which hasn’t been updated for more than a month. Check it out and then tell me it ain’t true!]

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hmm..interesting August 6, 2006 posted by

Suzanne sings 2nd Life.

Hmm..Suzanne Vega has become the first major name artist to give a virtual performance on a virtual world – to whit 2nd Life. So at last, life becomes art becomes life. Will we look back at this as the beginnings of a virtual universe of art and culture? Or will we just stop asking these pompous questions? 

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hmm..interesting August 3, 2006 posted by

Thinglink codes.

Thinglink is a kind of Creative Commons barcode for anything you create. After you’ve created it, you can stick it onto your website, product or whatever you like to identify your artistry. Er..that’s it really. Neat idea. is an open database where makers can register their work for free and create labels for their products. Crafters, artists, designers, producers, and other makers can use Thinglink to identify their products and document their work. We built Thinglink for makers, because…

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Gadgets August 2, 2006 posted by

Celery. Email without the crunch.

Celery. Email without a computer. This is either genius or insane and I have no idea which. From the site blurb it appears to be a colour fax machine service which is being marketed to senior citizens as a way of keeping up with family without having to install a computer. That’s the beauty of it. As Neil Grabowsky of the company emails me to say – ‘You and I don’t need Celery – our parents and grandparents do.’ And he…

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Bookmark This! July 10, 2006 posted by


Radio4PDA. Would you like to listen to radio on your PDA? Of course you would, Mabel. Well here’s a set of listings for various international radio stations in a PDA friendly layout for search and enjoyment when you’re out and about.

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hmm..interesting July 4, 2006 posted by

Stamp of authority. Have to say, the thought of having a Ferret stamp does appeal. Just send in your digital image and get back some stamps. $1.90 per sheet of between 6 to 30 stamps depending on size. Yeah of course they’re not legal stamps for posting, they’re more for posing. Geddit?   May I stick them on letters ? On the back side, as a sealing stamp, it is legal anywhere we know of to stick stamps on letters. On…

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hmm..interesting June 28, 2006 posted by

Cops and robbers? Online auction of police seized and recovered equipment. You’ve got to admire a site which advertises Hot Pursuit Specials, haven’t you?  Today’s law enforcement agencies have property rooms full of stolen or forfeited goods. The rightful owners are not easily identified, and once property is no longer needed as evidence, it must be disposed of properly. Enter Property Room. Founded and managed by former police officers, Property Room harnesses the power of the Internet to quickly move items out…

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