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but is it art? May 15, 2007 posted by

m:ssage – the massaging phone

The m:ssage is a mobile phone with a difference. The subscription fee of £25.00 a month includes 250 free massages, which is a pretty good deal in any language. The video explains all.  The m:ssage handset is one of the leaders in a new generation of luxury mobile phones. Hand-built with care, from the finest materials, it facilitates a new level of intimacy between partners. The m:ssage handset comes with its own unique phone number and should be given to a…

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Gadgets May 15, 2007 posted by

Wii Combat Pack – ahar there, take that…

The Wii Combat Pack is just lovely. A cute likkle shield and a likkle foam sword to hold your all-important controllers. Awwww……slash and burn, baby, slash and burn… $19.00.  Improve your inspiration when playing games. e.g. Zelda, Red Steel, etc….. # Sword and Knife are made of foam material, it is safe for children # Making the game more realistic & fun # Comes with sword, knife & a shield… Tags: wii, combat+pack

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heh heh! May 15, 2007 posted by

Jackie – the mullet’s mullet wig

The Jackie Mullet Wig. We stumbled across this beauty in a recent search for a suitable hairpiece to cover our balding shiny pate and fell in love instantly. For who could resist a synthetic material, 2.9 ounce, capless construction stunner like this and still be called as human? And to name it Jackie too? Genius. $85.19.  Handsome men’s wig with an extended nape for a slight mullet look and capless construction for a light, breathable feel. Tags: jackie+wig, mullet, hairpiece

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Bookmark This! May 15, 2007 posted by

Poly9 FreeEarth – the free online 3D globe

Poly9 FreeEarth is billed as a 3D glove in your browser. Ah sorry, globe. And so it is. It’s also free and has been designed by the real estate acquisition team from the Plutixxer species based on a planet near Betelgeuse. There, so now you know, but let’s keep it our little secret, eh? Tags: 3d+globe, poly9+freeearth

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Free Software May 15, 2007 posted by

WordWeb – a free dictionary and thesaurus for non SUV drivers

Nice to see that the WordWeb dictionary and thesaurus is still around, and in a nice shiny new version too. 150,000 root words, 120,000 synonym sets, direct links to Wikipedia and other online sources all available in a standalone package or as a plug-in for Microsoft Word. It’s still free too, which is great, although the developers now have some rather stringent licensing rules (see below). A required download for writers.  WordWeb is a free English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows,…

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general May 15, 2007 posted by

Yak4Ever – unlimited free calls

Allfreecalls has relaunched as The service lets you call 10 overseas numbers for free, with no limitations on call length. They’re now calling it a club, so maybe there’s some sort of legal thing they’re doing to get round their previous troubles. Whatever the story it’s got to be worth trying. There’s a UK version too.  Yes! We do not charge you anything to make this call. By joining our call club you are entitled to make unlimited calls…

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hmm..interesting May 15, 2007 posted by

Adicate – web advertising booked by the hour

On the face of it the new Adicate hourly web advertising service looks really interesting. Advertisers register, log on and create ads which they run in hourly timeslots on publisher sites. Great idea no? Small advertisers can run limited length campaigns to get their message across and web sites can attract more small advertisers. Everyone wins. What’s a bit weird are the terms of service, and I can only assume that it’s some sort of Norwegian thing. For one thing,…

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Fun & Games May 14, 2007 posted by

Tiny R/C Racing Cars – teeny fingerful funsters

These Matchbox Sized R/C Racing Cars look like a real gas. Brooom, vrooom, parp, parp. $14.00.   The Match Box Size RC Racing Car may be one of the SMALLEST RC Racing Car you ever have. Both the Remote Control Unit & the Racing Car are as Small as a Match Box or iPod Shuffle size…it comes with the Six Directions & Super Wide Range IR Controller. Tags: matchbox+r/c+cars

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Gadgets May 14, 2007 posted by

Hexadecimal Keys T-Shirt – for rebels without a pause

The Hexadecimal Keys T-Shirt comes with a full set of hex keys printed out on it, although one set has mysteriously been removed. Redacted they call it in polite circles. No-one knows why, but the assumption is that it could be something to do with the attempt by the AACS to restrict the dissemination of a recently released unlock key for copying HD-DVDs. Weird huh? $14.99.  Lessons Learned: 1) When trying to keep a secret, serving people legal notice re:…

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Gadgets May 14, 2007 posted by

USB Oil Burner – fragrant coloured tech thingy

The Illuminated USB Oil Burner is just about the most ridiculous thing you’re ever going to stick on your office desk not only will your co-workers laugh at you for being such a pathetic and clearly deranged holistic loser, but you’ll also be the subject of derision from members of the opposite sex. Probably for the rest of your life. There, now don’t you feel better already? $39.95.  A USB powered oil burner with colour changing lights – is that…

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yeah, right! May 14, 2007 posted by

The Harmony Chip – health through quantum mechanics

The Harmony Chip uses quantum mechanics to ‘bring a dramatic rising to the quality of every aspect of your life’. Yes folks, the ultimate ‘cure-all’ has arrived. Just one small pack will do so much you will be literally astounded out of your socks. In fact your socks will probably leave home shortly thereafter, having been so shocked that they will not be able to live with you any longer. Please note extra socks are not included in the price…

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hmm..interesting May 14, 2007 posted by

The NJ Electronics Lemon Law – a lame tech masher

Apparently the New Jersey legislature may enact an electronics ‘lemon law’ like the car one. This would mean that all consumer electronics devices, like iPods, digital cameras etc would be subject to the following: Any electronic device which could not be repaired within three attempts would require a replacement of equal value and condition. Defective items would require a full refund of the total purchase price; Stores that advertise in-home service for a electronics must provide such service and a…

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Zattoo – move over Joost, yer daddy’s comin’

I’ve been trying out a closed beta of Zattoo over the past few days, and it’s pretty darn cool. For those who don’t know, it’s real live television beamed to your PC over your broadband Internet connection. No box, no aerial, no plug-in tuners. The image you see here is taken from standard daytime BBC television running at approx 5 seconds delay from the live transmission (yes I checked). Now setting aside what damage this could do to newbie services…

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reprise May 13, 2007 posted by

Ferret posts this week

Here’s a quick round-up of Ferrety posts from the past week for anyone who missed them. Enjoy. Exosolar – the stars at night – Exosolar is a pretty nice online… Tubes – send photos to your Mom’s screensaver – Tubes. Tubes lets you set up a… Darth Vader Phone – let the voice be with you – The Darth Vader Phone. Love… Magic Ringtone – change your home phone ringtone to any MP3 – The RM-200 Magic Ringtone… Rota-Rota Hub…

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Gadgets May 12, 2007 posted by

HouseParty Blu – Bluetooth speaker with dock for phone and fancy

The HouseParty Blu is a Bluetooth enabled speaker with iPod dock, which should allow you to play your top tunes from whatever Bluetooth device you find in your pocket at the time. Phone, iPod, Zen, Cabbage. Whatever. It’s got 30W output and a remote control and probably, no definitely, costs £79.99 all in.  HouseParty Blu provides high quality stereo sound for all your music players – iPod, mobile phone or other portable music player. Free your tunes from your mobile…

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